Nitrogen Generation Membrane Systems

Nitrogen Generation Membrane Systems

Modular, Engineered-to-Order, Shipped Ready to Plug In

Integrated Flow Solutions N2GS Series Nitrogen Membrane Systems are designed for applications requiring purities between 95% and 99.95% product nitrogen. In conjunction with our technology partner Air Products, we offer a range of proven technology solutions for High ambient temperatures, fixed dew point control for buffer gas, coil tubing for well servicing and export line commissioning.


IFS utilizes membrane filtration in their Nitrogen Generation Systems to produce high purity nitrogen for use in high ambient temperatures, export line commissioning and coil tubing for well servicing.



  • Single Source Accountability
  • Pre-Packaged Modular Design Costs Less Than Component Based Site-Built Systems Reducing Overall Project Cost
  • Minimizes Field Erection Time - Shorter Overall Project Delivery Schedule
  • Complete System Function Testing Prior To Shipment
  • 24/7 Customer Service

Industry Standards:

  • Horizontal or Vertical Configuration
  • Vessels Code Stamped ASME Section VIII & National Board Registered
  • Piping Designed to ANSI B31.1/ANSI B31.3
  • Pipe Fabrication to ASME Section IX
  • Structural Steel Assembly Designed to AWS D1.1

Standard Features:

  • Process Validation / Guarantee using "Aspen Plus" Simulation Software
  • ASME scrubbers / separators / coalescers / filters
  • Class 1, Div. 2 Hazardous Locations

Optional Features:

  • Ladder and platform for vertical filter access
  • IEC / CENELEC / CSA compliant control panel, conduit & wiring
  • PLC control system with data highway
  • NACE MR-01-75 latest edition for sour service
  • Pneumatic pressure test after re-assembly
  • Third party inspection by ABS, Lloyd’s, and DNV
  • NACE MR-01-75 latest edition for sour service
  • Compliance with plant / engineering specifications

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