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Pumpworks Introduces Complete Line of API 610 Barrel Pumps

Pumpworks, IFS’s sister company introduces a complete line of API 610 BB5 barrel pumps. Contact Mark Weidmann ( for more information.

API 610 10th Edition states that unless otherwise specified, pumps with radially split casings are required for any of the following operating conditions:

  • A pumping temperature of 200 °C (400 °F) or higher (a lower temperature limit should be considered if thermal shock is probable)
  • A flammable or hazardous pumped liquid with a relative density of less than 0.7 at the specified pumping temperature
  • A flammable or hazardous pumped liquid at a rated discharge pressure above 10 000 kPa (100 bar) (1 450 psi)

Update: Prepackaged Pumping Station and Automatic Custody Transfer

Integrated Flow Solutions was contracted by Savage Services of Midvale, Utah to engineer, supply, and test a Prepackaged Pumping Station and Automatic Custody Transfer (ACT) Unit for crude oil injection to the Dakota Access Pipeline (DSPL). IFS conducted string testing of all completed modules at the IFS facility in Tyler, Texas to confirm the design criteria and mechanical operation. Please view the video above to see the Prepackaged Pumping Station and Automatic Custody Transfer (ACT) Unit in full operation during the Factory Acceptance Test (FAT).

IFS Earns ISO 9001 & CWB Recertifications

In 2010, Integrated Flow Solutions (IFS) obtained ISO 9001:2008 certification, which ensures that our products are designed, documented and implemented according to internationally mandated ISO 9001:2008 standards. As a condition of maintaining ISO certification, companies are required to undergo annual third-party recertification. Bureau Veritas (BV) was chosen to perform the IFS annual outside audit from March 22-24. On April 4, 2017, BV notified IFS: “Congratulations on a successful audit with zero nonconformities! I am pleased to inform you that we (BV) have approved continued certification.”

As an international company, IFS is a supplier of large Oil & Gas Packages to Canada. The Canadian Welding Bureau (CWB) is a certification and registration organization for companies involved in the welding of steel structures for equipment destined for use in Canada. The CWB requires that IFS welders be retested every two years to maintain their CWB certifications. Our welders were audited May 16, 2017 by the CWB Group from Milton, Ontario and were advised “All appears to be in place and looks good for continued CWB Certification.”

IFS would like to congratulate our team members for successful ISO and CWB audits and certification. Great work!

Click here to see our CWB Letter of Validation

Click here to see our ISO 9001 Certificate