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5 Little-Known Benefits of Modular Process Systems

February 4, 2022 Welcome

Industrial manufacturing is a constantly evolving area where optimizing your process systems can be the difference between an enhanced overall output and unwanted production setbacks. Modular process systems have revolutionized manufacturing processes for various industries, offering several advantages for the companies that utilize them. This article will discuss five of the little-known benefits of operating modular systems.

What Is A Modular Process System?

A modular process system is a manufacturing system contained within a frame or skid. Each skid contains some of the equipment/components required for a manufacturing process, with several skids being combined to create a portable manufacturing plant. In some cases, the entire process system is in one place.

Modular process systems are desirable due to their portable nature and the fact that they can be transported easily from one location to the other as whole units.

Top 5 Reasons to Buy A Modular System

Modular process systems possess some significant advantages over the alternative traditional stick-built systems. While they might not be applicable in all industrial manufacturing settings (processes requiring bulky individual components), they are well suited for several modern industrial manufacturing systems.

Outlined below are the top 5 reasons you should consider a modular system.


1. Higher Quality Fabrication

Modular skid fabrication services are typically carried out in an optimized environment under the supervision of highly skilled and experienced personnel. Process engineering and design, fabrication, testing, and re-testing before finishing and shipping will ensure that only skids of the highest quality are sent out to the industries that require them.

2. Reduced Costs

When compared to conventional stick-built process systems, modular skid systems are the cheaper option as they tend to have lower and fixed production, transportation, and installation costs. Modular process systems are not subject to the additional expenses and variability associated with stick-built systems such as manpower, training and supervision, tools, testing, component disassembly, assembly, transportation, etc.

3. Location Flexibility

Modular systems are purpose-built to be easily transportable. Skid-mounted process systems can be easily attached or loaded into transport vehicles and relocated at a moment’s notice without the need for disassembly. The transported process system is immediately available for immediate use on arrival at the new operation site. This is particularly beneficial as it saves on the re-assembly downtime that would otherwise be mandatory with a stick-built system.

4. Faster Project Completion

Modular process systems facilitate the rapid completion of manufacturing cycles by bypassing some setup procedures required for conventional methods. To begin with, all modular systems are fabricated and assembled before shipping to the operational site. Additionally, factory acceptance testing and pre-installation checks will be completed at the same time.

This allows process managers to pursue other vital aspects of their manufacturing processes simultaneously. For example, while modular skids are being prepared in an optimal testing environment, plant permits can be processed, saving time and ensuring a quicker start and completion of projects.

modular process skid

5. Safety Benefits

Every industrial manufacturing process is associated with occupational safety hazards, and the fabrication and installation of process systems are no exception. Modular process systems have a better industrial safety rating as they are built, assembled, and tested in controlled off-site environments before shipping in a finished state.

This eliminates the risks associated with on-site processes and prevents untrained personnel from being exposed to hazards outside a controlled equipment testing and assembly environment. In addition, the factory acceptance testing done for modular process systems will ensure that plant personnel are exposed to fewer incidences where there might be a compromise to their safety. Also, modular systems can be safely run by smaller personnel crews, limiting further occupational hazard exposure.

Is A Modular Process System Right for You?

Modular process systems are largely advantageous to several industrial manufacturing applications. However, there are size constraints to their use in some limited applications requiring very large process components that can’t be reasonably fitted on portable skids.

One of the most effective ways to determine the suitability of a modular process system for your unique application is to get in contact with an experienced modular process skid manufacturer. These experts can provide adequate guidance regarding their fabrication, installation, and operation.

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