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What is Oil and Gas Custody Transfer?

Written by Welcome on May 28, 2024
Oil and Gas Custody Transfer

Custody transfer in the oil and gas industry is a critical process that involves the exchange of ownership and responsibility for a specified quantity and quality of crude oil, refined products, or natural gas between two parties. This transfer occurs at various points along the supply chain, such as between producers, transporters, and buyers. Overview […]

What is the Difference Between a Wet and Dry Oil Pump?

Written by Welcome on April 25, 2024
different types of pumps in oil and gas industry

Wet and dry oil pumping systems are used to optimize lubrication efficiency in industrial applications. Additionally, the concept of wet/dry oil pump packages represents an innovative approach to combining the benefits of both systems into a single, integrated solution. The Role of Wet and Dry Oil Pumps Oil pumps play an important role in gas […]

What is Lube Oil Blending?

Written by Welcome on March 23, 2024
Lube Oil Blending

Lube oil blending is a complex process that involves combining base oils and additives to create lubricants with specific properties and performance characteristics. This process is very important for producing high-quality lubricants that meet the demanding requirements of various industries — from automotive and industrial to marine and aviation. The Lube Oil Blending Process The […]

How Does a Natural Gas Flow Meter Work?

Written by Welcome on February 17, 2024
how do you calibrate a flow meter

Natural gas flow meters measure the amount of gas flowing through a pipeline. The working principle involves detecting the gas flow and converting this information into readable data, often via electronic signals. The meters use various technologies to achieve this, each with its unique detection and measurement method. For instance, some meters measure the pressure […]

Understanding Balance of Plant (BOP) Control Systems

Written by Welcome on January 31, 2024
Balance of Plant (BOP) Control System

The term “Balance of Plant” (BOP) refers to all the supporting systems and infrastructure required for a power plant to function efficiently. While the main focus is often on turbines and generators, the effective operation of a power plant relies heavily on the seamless integration and control of various systems. This is where Balance of […]

Electric Process Heaters: Different Types, Uses, Considerations

Written by Welcome on December 22, 2023
Electric Process Heater

Electric process heaters are engineered to elevate your operations, providing reliable and controlled heating solutions. They come in different types, each designed for specific uses, and considering the right one for your application is a must. What is an Electric Process Heater? An electric process heater is a specialized device designed to heat various substances […]

How to Calculate the Flow Rate of a Pump

Written by Welcome on November 28, 2023
Flow Rate Calculation Formula

Calculating a pump’s flow rate is the key to ensuring the right amount of fluid is delivered to the right place at the right time. In this guide, discover the formulas, considerations, and expert tips to make your flow rate calculations a breeze. Key Components Affecting Flow Rate Flow rate, often measured in terms of […]

Carbon Capture vs. Direct Air Capture: Understanding the Differences

Written by Welcome on October 26, 2023
Carbon Capture vs Direct Air Capture

Climate change is one of the most pressing issues our world faces today, and carbon capture and direct air capture are two of the many ways we can tackle it. But what exactly are these technologies? Direct Air Capture vs. Carbon Capture Direct air capture and carbon capture represent two unique strategies for addressing climate […]

NGL (Natural Gas Liquids) Pipeline Pumping Systems: An Overview

Written by Welcome on September 27, 2023
natural gas pipeline pump

Natural Gas Liquids (NGLs) comprise a unique subset of hydrocarbons that differ in behavior and processing from traditional natural gas. In this article, experts at IFS and DXP will give a comprehensive overview of NGL pipeline pumping systems and explain the importance of process controls and automation when safely transporting these liquids. What are Natural […]

How Do Industrial Sump Pump Systems Work?

Written by Welcome on August 6, 2023
industrial sump pump

Industrial sump pump systems are often used for the safe and efficient management of fluids, especially in industrial settings where spill containment, environmental protection, and safety are important concerns. Discover how sump pump systems can be tailored to the specific needs of each customer’s application, ensuring efficiency, reliability, and compliance with industry standards. What are […]

Fuel Gas Conditioning Skids – Everything You Need to Know

Written by Welcome on April 8, 2023
fuel gas conditioning skid

Fuel gas is a critical driver for diverse industrial and commercial processes; however, it can damage the machinery that requires it to function if not properly purified. Fuel gas conditioning is an effective strategy for ensuring that the gas delivered to industrial processes is free of impurities that may damage sensitive machinery and stall productivity. […]

Carbon Capture vs. Carbon Removal: What’s the Difference?

Written by Welcome on February 21, 2023
carbon removal vs carbon capture

Conventional industrial manufacturing processes generate waste gases and fluids that can disrupt ecosystems with long-term impacts on climate, including global warming. Carbon elimination techniques present an effective solution to industrial emissions. This article will highlight the key differences between key carbon control technologies. Carbon Removal vs. Carbon Capture While there seem to be a lot […]

What Are the Different Types of Carbon Sequestration?

Written by Welcome on January 31, 2023
different types of carbon sequestration

Carbon sequestration is an essential strategy for reducing greenhouse gas emissions and mitigating the effects of climate change. There are various carbon sequestration methods, each with its own distinct characteristics and benefits. This article will look at the multiple types of carbon sequestration, including their technical details and practical applications. Carbon Sequestration? Carbon sequestration is […]

What Are NOx Emissions? Effective Methods for NOx Removal

Written by Welcome on December 3, 2022
high nox emissions

Environmental pollution from fossil fuel use is a major negative consequence of industrialization. NOx gas release is one of the significant outcomes of burning fossil fuels with significantly negative environmental impacts. In this article, the experts at IFS will discuss various methods that can be used to eliminate NOx gases and preserve ecological balance. What […]

Geologic Sequestration of Carbon Dioxide: What You Should Know

Written by Welcome on November 14, 2022
geological sequestration

Carbon dioxide released from both natural biochemical processes and human activities is a heat-retaining gas with implications for global warming. Various carbon sequestration technologies are being implemented globally to reduce the levels of heat-trapping carbon emissions. In this article, we will cover geologic carbon sequestration and its risks. What Is Geologic Carbon Sequestration? Geologic sequestration […]

What the Inflation Reduction Act Means for Decarbonization & CCUS

Written by Welcome on October 3, 2022
Inflation Reduction Act Decarbonization

Rising carbon emissions in the United States have led to the enactment of several legislations aimed at amending incentivizes for deploying CCUS technologies. One such legislation is the Inflation Reduction Act (IRA), which stipulates an up to $200/metric ton credit tax increase for existing and new carbon capture projects. This article explores this legislation and its […]

6 Tips for A Successful Carbon Capture Project

Written by Welcome on August 30, 2022
carbon capture project

Carbon capture and sequestration is a widely discussed topic globally due to the growing need to minimize global warming and greenhouse gas emissions. This article overviews the technology and highlights some tips and considerations for carbon capture projects. The Science Behind Carbon Capture Operators must account for the large real estate requirements of CO2 absorption […]

Class VI Carbon Sequestration Wells – What Are They?

Written by Welcome on July 26, 2022
class vi wells

Limiting carbon-based emissions released into the atmosphere is a major way of improving the natural environment and reversing some of the harmful effects of climate change. A great way to facilitate this environment-friendly change is using CCUS technology. A key element in CCUS are class VI carbon sequestration wells. The Purpose of Injection Wells Injection […]

Bioenergy with Carbon Capture and Storage – A New Approach

Written by Welcome on June 18, 2022
bioenergy with carbon capture and storage

Global energy usage is increasingly favoring the use of renewable energy. This trend is a result of the drive for cleaner energy usage to sustain our natural environment. Bioenergy with carbon capture and storage is an exciting new technology that can be used to achieve environmental protection while providing us with the energy we need […]

Pre-Combustion vs. Post-Combustion Carbon Capture Technologies

Written by Welcome on May 27, 2022
post combustion carbon capture technology

As many are well aware, there is rising advocacy against the effects of fossil fuel-based industrial and residential applications, such as global warming and climate change. Consequently, world leaders and policy-makers are increasingly mandating the incorporation of carbon capture technologies into their industrial processes. These technologies aid the minimization of CO2 emissions into the atmosphere. […]

Enhanced Oil Recovery (EOR) Techniques and Helpful Technology

Written by Welcome on April 13, 2022
what is EOR enhanced oil recovery?

What is enhanced oil recovery, and how are EOR methods utilized in the oil and gas industry? This article will discuss the various oil and gas recovery methods, focusing mainly on tertiary or enhanced oil recovery (EOR) operations. Types of Oil Recovery Oil recovery in hydrocarbon production is a series of efforts to obtain as […]

The Rising Need for ESG in The Energy Industry

Written by Welcome on March 28, 2022
esg energy sector

Understanding that the energy industry plays a crucial role in reducing the environmental impact of its operations is more critical today than it has ever been. Therefore, industry leaders must strive to align their business models with environmental responsibility best practices. By adopting an effective environment, social, and governance (ESG) model, industrial operators can ensure […]

The Importance of CCUS In the Oil and Gas Industry

Written by Welcome on March 1, 2022
ccus solutions

In today’s faced-paced world of commerce and industry, emissions generated from natural gas recovery and processing can leave a significant carbon footprint on the natural environment. However, there is an effective way to circumvent the issues of natural gas emissions—carbon, capture, utilization, and storage systems. How Does CCUS Work? Carbon capture, utilization, and storage (CCUS) […]

5 Little-Known Benefits of Modular Process Systems

Written by Welcome on February 4, 2022
modular process systems

Industrial manufacturing is a constantly evolving area where optimizing your process systems can be the difference between an enhanced overall output and unwanted production setbacks. Modular process systems have revolutionized manufacturing processes for various industries, offering several advantages for the companies that utilize them. This article will discuss five of the little-known benefits of operating […]

The Top Oil and Gas Applications for Heat Exchangers

Written by Welcome on October 26, 2021

Like any other industrial process, oil and gas production is associated with generating significant amounts of heat. Unregulated industrial processes can result in detrimental temperature spikes affecting machinery, transport channels, and even the product itself. To maintain optimal thermal conditions in oil and gas systems, heat exchangers are often employed. So, we know heat exchangers […]

5 Modular Skid Fabrication Services You Didn’t Know About

Written by Welcome on September 29, 2021

In several process industries, the production of finished items involves transforming raw materials by subjecting them to thermal and mechanical stresses. In many instances, the processes require engineered skid-mounted process systems to efficiently achieve desired results. Consequently, plant operators must have extensive knowledge of the skid fabrication services available to them. There are a variety […]

How CO2 Pumping Helps with Natural Gas Processing – CCUS Solutions

Written by Welcome on September 7, 2021

During initial exploration, natural gas formation pressures are sufficient to sustain maximal output. However, these pressures will eventually dwindle, resulting in diminished productivity. In these cases, enhanced oil recovery techniques such as carbon dioxide pumping become the most efficient method to maximize gas well output. Removing CO2 emissions from natural gas is becoming a matter […]

Industrial Nitrogen Gas: Common Uses and Products

Written by Welcome on September 7, 2021

Gaseous nitrogen is one of the most highly sought-after chemical molecules in many industrial manufacturing processes. Due to its inert nature, nitrogen gas can be optimized for use in food processing, beverage and brewery industries, and oil and gas recovery, to name a few. This article will discuss the most common industrial applications of nitrogen […]

The Rising Need of Siloxane Removal Systems for Biogas Cleaning

Written by Welcome on June 25, 2021

Biogas is a renewable energy source suitable for powering combustion engines, hence cutting down the need for coal, crude oil, and natural gas. Operators harvest it from liquid and solid waste streams, which are increasingly composed of siloxanes found in many industrial and household products. Engine manufacturers require maximum siloxane concentration in biogas to ensure […]

What Is CCUS Technology & How Does It Work?

Written by Welcome on May 27, 2021
carbon emissions

Currently, Carbon Capture, Utilization, and Storage (CCUS) technologies have been making waves—probably because they are in line with meeting global greenhouse gas reduction goals. Perhaps we should consider giving more attention to capturing CO2 around stationary pollution sources, like coal plants that make up a high percentage of CO2 emissions. Keep reading this article where […]

What Are VOCs? Removing VOCs from Biogas | IFS

Written by Welcome on May 7, 2021
What are VOCs?

With the drive for a safer, greener planet being embraced by more countries of the world, the industry for renewable energy will continue to grow. Biogas represents one of the fastest-growing sources of renewable energy for domestic, commercial, and industrial processes. Before biogas can be channeled to uses, it must first be optimized by removing […]

Hydrogen Color – Gray, Blue, & Green Hydrogen – Production, Storage, & Uses

Written by Welcome on April 2, 2021

With an ever-increasing emphasis on clean, renewable energy globally, energy producers are harnessing hydrogen as a source of power. While hydrogen has been shown to have diverse applications across the entire power generation spectrum, it must first be processed into useful forms. This article will discuss how to synthesize different forms of hydrogen gas on […]

How to Get Clean Energy – Is Renewable Energy Always Clean?

Written by Welcome on March 4, 2021
what is clean energy vs. renewable energy

It’s easy to get confused talking about clean, renewable, and green energy. The terms are often used interchangeably, but they don’t always have the same meaning. While there is a lot of overlap, subtle differences can have an effect on the environment and government credits for production. To fully understand the differences between clean and […]

What Is Biofuel? – Types, Sources, Uses, and Is It Renewable?

Written by Welcome on January 29, 2021
how are biofuels made

As the world attempts to slow the negative effects of climate change, there has been a conscious shift towards renewable sources of energy for powering our daily lives. With alternative energy sources like biofuel being explored, it is crucial we fully understand how this game-changing fuel type is sourced and utilized. What Is Biofuel? Biofuel […]

Biodiesel Guide – Sources, Production, Uses, & Regulations

Written by Welcome on December 18, 2020
how is biodiesel made

Over the past few decades, players in the renewable energy sector have continued to invest in biomass fuel production. This industry has seen significant growth with the major sources of biomass-derived energy (ethanol and biodiesel) helping to augment transport fuel needs. This article will highlight aspects of biodiesel production, including its sources, uses, as well […]

Potential Sources of Biogas and Main Uses of Biogas

Written by Welcome on November 19, 2020
what is biogas fuel production

In recent years, there has been a slow but steady shift towards the integration of renewable energy in powering homes, businesses, and industries. Among the top sources of renewable energy is biogas, a fuel fast gaining prominence as a leading resource for domestic and commercial power generation. Consider how biogas is sourced, as well as […]

Renewable Energy Growth – Could Renewables Power the World?

Written by Welcome on October 27, 2020
renewable energy growth

Traditional sources of energy have been burdening the natural environment for decades and the world has been making a gradual shift towards more sustainable means of powering our domestic and industrial activities. Types of renewable energy are environmentally-friendly and can potentially substitute a large percentage of conventional fuels. However, the right resources and infrastructure must […]

What Is a Renewable Identification Number (RIN) – Renewable Fuel Standard

Written by Welcome on September 29, 2020
renewable fuel standard - EPA RIN requirements

With increased awareness of the effects of fossil fuel use, environmental litigation has begun to focus more and more on renewable energy. Renewable energy provides an alternative to petroleum-based fuels and has a smaller carbon footprint. In the US, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), mandates the inclusion of a fraction of renewable fuel in the […]

Renewable Natural Gas (RNG) – What It Is, Where It Comes From & Benefits

Written by Welcome on August 24, 2020
what is renewable natural gas (RNG)?

A recent trend in the energy industry is an increased focus on recyclable sources of energy. Among the sources of renewable energy being touted as the future of clean power is renewable natural gas (RNG). While the power generated from RNG is cleaner than other sources, it isn’t perfect. The focus of this article will […]

Technology for Power Plant Emission and Pollution Control

Written by Welcome on June 22, 2020
power plant air pollution

From its discovery to date, the large-scale production of electricity has significantly revolutionized how we live, work, and play. Production of significant quantities of electrical power is impossible without the invention of power plants. Despite their vital role in electrical energy production, like most industrial facilities, power plants release waste gases and other environmental pollutants. […]

What Is Factory Acceptance Testing? – Purpose of FAT

Written by Welcome on May 19, 2020
what is factory acceptance test

The process of starting up industrial equipment for the very first time can be incredibly challenging. More frustrating is the possibility that some vital components may fail and affect your overall project completion schedule. Additionally, the failure of proper training for equipment operators and commissioning personnel can significantly contribute to improper equipment installation or set […]

Importance of Line Heaters in the Oil and Gas Industry

Written by Welcome on March 24, 2020
heater in oil and gas industry

To ensure a satisfactory rate of production in the oil and gas industry, operators must always use the right array of equipment. The use of appropriate equipment is particularly critical as oil and gas manufacture generates a lot of contaminants and by-products which may diminish process efficiency. Line heaters in the oil and gas industry […]

Effects of Black Powder in O&G and How to Prevent Them

Written by Welcome on March 10, 2020
black powder corrosion

One of the most serious issues facing the oil and gas manufacturing industry is the formation of black powder. This corrosive substance is responsible for significant damage to process components including pipeline networks. The damage caused by this substance has undesirable implications for production costs and efficiency, necessitating preventive measures. In this article, we outline […]

What Is Chemical Injection – Process in O&G IFS

Written by Welcome on February 27, 2020
what is chemical injection?

As with all other industrial and manufacturing industries, companies in the upstream O&G industry are always seeking to improve their production capacities, improve overall process efficiency and minimize machinery downtime. Chemical Injection Packages are being employed by companies in oil and gas to increase production, reduce corrosion, separate oil/gas/water, and many other processes to improve […]

Guide to FPSO Topside Process Modules Fabrication

Written by Welcome on February 25, 2020
FPSO modules fabrication

Offshore sub-sea oil & gas wells are highly productive in the modern Oil and Gas industry. According to the U.S. Energy Information Administration, offshore oil & gas production has accounted for about 30% of global crude oil production over the past decade. Semi-submersible platforms, fixed platforms, spar platforms, tension leg platforms, and FPSOs are used […]

[VIDEO] Steel-Frame Modular Pump Enclosures from IFS

Written by Welcome on January 28, 2020
industrial relocatable steel frame modular pump house

In 2019, IFS was contracted by Crestwood Midstream to design and fabricate a Produced Water Booster Pump Package. The pumping equipment would be housed in a weatherproof pump enclosure suitable for extreme North Dakota winter conditions. The building needed to be certified, inspected and labeled in accordance with State of North Dakota Building, Mechanical, Electrical, […]

Fuel Gas Conditioning Process and Equipment

Written by Welcome on January 14, 2020
FGCS blog image

Gas conditioning is a critical part of several industrial applications and energy processes. Read on to learn more about the following: gas conditioning the difference between gas processing and conditioning the components of gas conditioning systems the different technologies used in the process and more Looking for our selection of gas conditioning equipment? View the […]

2020 IFS Company Profile

Written by Welcome on December 18, 2019

Integrated Flow Solutions (IFS) is a global industrial process engineering company that designs and manufactures skid-mounted engineered-to-order & configure-to-order, liquid-and-gas process solutions for the Oil & Gas, Refinery, Power and Air Quality industries, among others.  IFS’s plug-and-play process skids are designed and engineered to work reliably for years in some of the most remote locations […]

Meter Prover – How Flow Meter Prover System Work

Written by Welcome on December 5, 2019
master meter proving system

Hydrocarbon liquid flow through pipelines needs constant monitoring to ensure it is being transported under the right conditions. Flow meters that help ensure the proper measurement of pipeline liquids may become faulty with prolonged use and give misleading results used in performance monitoring and oil and gas measurement. Effective flow meter calibration can be achieved […]

What Is a Compressor Station & How Does It Work?

Written by Welcome on December 3, 2019
what is a compressor station?

Natural gas must travel long distances from the oil & gas production fields to industry users and end customers. While the invention and application of pipeline transportation have made the delivery of natural gas quicker, safer and more cost-effective, several technical challenges arise from this means of distribution. Gas transported over long distances will experience […]

What Is a Heater Treater in O&G and How Does It Work?

Written by Welcome on November 19, 2019
how a heater-treater works oil and gas

Fluid/gas separation is an essential aspect of midstream oil and gas applications, utilized in a wide range of devices and equipment. A well stream flowing from a reservoir contains water molecules that must be removed from the well stream before entering a pipeline for transport to a refinery for processing. An effective piece of equipment […]

Two Phase Separator vs. Three Phase Separator Differences

Written by Welcome on November 5, 2019
two-phase separator vs. three-phase separator

Natural gas operators utilize several devices to purify well streams in offshore and onshore facilities before carrying out oil and gas measurement and sale. Dehydrating natural gas helps to prevent several problems that occur in storage and transportation such as corrosion of storage vessels, inaccuracies in the metering of gas flow, and the presence of […]

Features & Benefits of Pipeline Transportation – Why Pipelines Are Needed

Written by Welcome on October 22, 2019
benefits of pipeline transportation

Oil pipelines are steel or polyethylene tubes through which large quantities of crude and refined petroleum derivatives can be channeled. Why do we need pipelines rather than alternative forms of transporting oil and gas derivatives? This article will highlight the features of pipeline transport and consider the benefits derived from their use. What Are Pipelines […]

Types of Heat Exchangers in Oil & Gas – Applications & How They Work

Written by Welcome on October 8, 2019
types of heat exchangers in oil and gas industry

A notable by-product of many industrial and manufacturing processes is heat. While thermal energy may be beneficial to some production processes, it may also cause significant damage to sensitive machinery and control systems if improperly regulated. Most industrial systems have mechanisms in place to dissipate excessive heat. A popular thermoregulation device employed in this regard […]

Who Is the Largest Oil Producing Country in the World?

Written by Welcome on September 17, 2019
top oil producing countries - well pumps with city background

Despite a very gradual shift to renewables such as solar, wind, and nuclear geothermal, crude oil and petroleum products persist as the world’s most valuable energy source. This source of energy is utilized in everything from transport to industry, heating, and pharmaceuticals. Crude oil is obtained from geological formations across the world with varying amounts […]

What Is Hydraulic Fracturing? – Fracking Process Steps

Written by Welcome on September 3, 2019
what is hydraulic fracturing? - well head setup

Hydraulic fracturing is one of the most effective techniques for recovering unconventional oil and gas resources. The plunge in oil prices between 2014 and 2016 was partly an aftereffect of extensive hydraulic fracturing production in U.S. shale plays which ramped up the overall volume of crude worldwide and caused an oversupply. However, the hydraulic fracturing […]

Factors Affecting Performance Pumping Solids

Written by Welcome on August 20, 2019
factors that affect performance pumping solids

Both the mechanical and hydraulic performance of a centrifugal pump will be affected when handling a solid liquid mixture. Solids in suspension in the liquid cannot absorb, store, or transmit pressure energy, as can a liquid. Pressure exerted by a fluid on the walls of a container is caused by the bombardment of molecules freely […]

Net Positive Suction Head for Centrifugal Pumps

Written by Welcome on August 13, 2019
what is NPSH in centrifugal pumps?

What Is NPSH in Centrifugal Pumps? Net Positive Suction Head (NPSH) is a measurement used to determine the ability of a pump to handle liquid without cavitation. Before methods of figuring NPSH are discussed, cavitation should be examined. What Is Cavitation in Centrifugal Pumps? The term “cavitation” for pumps refers to a condition within the […]

Metering and Measurement of Oil and Gas and How It Works

Written by Welcome on July 30, 2019
oil and gas measurement

Oil and gas metering or measurement is the phase along the hydrocarbon supply value chain where exploration and production (E&P) efforts turn into profits for operators, investors, and other relevant stakeholders. Hydrocarbon metering is carried out using specialized and high-precision equipment to ensure accuracy. Interested in a Lease Automatic Custody Transfer Unit for your oilfield […]

Centrifugal Pump Preventative Maintenance Procedures & Schedules

Written by Welcome on July 16, 2019
centrifugal pump preventative maintenance

A centrifugal pump is a type of industrial pump that transfers fluids via rotational energy provided by one or multiple driven rotors known as impellers. Centrifugal pumps are used extensively in the power generation, oil and gas, and petrochemical industries to transfer low-viscosity fluids requiring high flow rates. This article will discuss some best practices […]

Types of Pumps in Oil and Gas Industry – Upstream, Midstream, Downstream

Written by Welcome on June 25, 2019
different types of pumps in oil and gas industry

Industrial pumps are essential devices required in every phase of oil and gas operations. Basically, they help transfer process fluids from one point to another. For example, a pump can be used to transfer crude oil from a storage tank to a pipeline and mud pumps are used to circulate drilling mud into the annulus […]

What Is In-line Blending? – Systems & Process Advantages

Written by Welcome on June 11, 2019
chemical in-line blending system

In-line blending is a viable alternative to the conventional in-tank blending technique, offering significant cost benefits to bunker operators. This article will discuss this blending technique, its applications, and benefits. What Is in-line Blending? In-line blending, or continuous blending is the process of mixing crude oil or petrochemical feedstocks (blend components) to produce a homogenous […]

Industrial Solvent Recovery Systems Frequently Used in O&G

Written by Welcome on May 28, 2019
industrial solvent recovery systems

Oilfield operators looking to thrive in this competitive industry must continuously seek ways to optimize their processes in an environmentally-conscious and economic manner. This article will introduce some effective techniques for improving solvent recovery at your facility. What Is Solvent Recovery? Industrial solvent recovery is the process of extracting useful solvents from a process waste […]

Uses of Steam Distillation in the O&G Industry

Written by Welcome on May 14, 2019
what is steam distillation process?

Steam distillation (also known as steam stripping) is an old technique for fluid separation, originally invented during the 9th century. Today, the process has been optimized for use in lab-scale and industrial applications for recovering useful compounds from chemical solutions, purifying process streams, and in the treatment of industrial wastewater. This article will explain the […]

Predict-Plus Remote Pump Monitoring System – Avoid Downtime Today!

Written by Welcome on April 23, 2019
remote pump monitoring system

PumpWorks, a DXP Company, just launched an updated version of their Predict-Plus pump monitoring system. As leading modular process skid manufacturers for Midstream O&G, IFS uses PumpWorks Pumps on our Midstream packaged products. We’re excited to offer the Gen 2 Predict-Plus pump health monitoring tool. Do you want to know your critical LACT units are […]

Pilot Plant Scale Up Techniques in Oil & Gas and Power Generation Industries

Written by Welcome on April 9, 2019
pilot plant scale-up techniques

Pilot plants offer a host of benefits to the oil & gas and power generation industries including market development, product refinement, and scalability in line with the project sponsor’s objectives. This article will explain what a pilot plant is, justifications for using a pilot facility, and how it can be used to scale up production […]

What Does a Coalescing Filter Do & How Does a Coalescer Work?

Written by Welcome on March 26, 2019
how does a coalescer work?

In downstream oil and gas operations, separation of the various crude fractions is done for the purpose of purification or commercialization. The separation process involves removing several liquids and gases from the hydrocarbon mix in separation units. Some examples include gas-oil, fuel-gas, and water-gas separation. A piece of vital equipment used for this purpose is […]

How to Calibrate a Flow Meter & Calibration Procedures

Written by Welcome on March 18, 2019
flow meter calibration

A flow meter is a test device used to measure the flow rate of process fluids and gases in industrial plants and facilities. The flow rate refers to the speed at which a process fluid is moving through pipelines, orifices, or vessels at a given time. Control and instrumentation engineers measure this value to monitor […]

What Is Water Injection in O&G and How Does it Work?

Written by Welcome on March 12, 2019
what is water injection in oil and gas?

Over the life cycle of a well, there are three stages of hydrocarbon production; primary hydrocarbon recovery, secondary hydrocarbon recovery, and enhanced oil recovery (EOR). EOR becomes essential when there is a decline in the reservoir pressure and primary and secondary recovery methods have become unable to sustain profitable production. One commonly used unconventional hydrocarbon […]

What Is Instrumentation & Control Engineering?

Written by Welcome on March 5, 2019
what is instrumentation and control engineering

Instrumentation and control refer to the analysis, measurement, and control of industrial process variables using process control instruments and software tools such as temperature, pressure, flow, and level sensors, analyzers, electrical and mechanical actuators, Human-Machine Interfaces (HMI), Piping and Instrumentation Diagram (P&ID) systems, automated control systems and more. What Is Instrumentation and Control Engineering? Control […]

IFS Supplies 30”, 20” & 16” Metering Packages for Major Midstream Company

Written by Welcome on March 5, 2019
metering package for gray oak pipeline

A major Midstream company approved the construction of a new crude oil pipeline, spanning from the West Texas Permian Basin to the Gulf Coast. The pipeline will create reliable access to crude oil in the region, bringing more growth to the Texas energy industry. The current pipeline route will run 850 miles from the Permian […]

Shelter Works Fiberglass Buildings

Written by Welcome on February 14, 2019

Recently Shelter Works was called upon to build a two room shelter to protect a Well Head Lease Automated Custody Transfer (LACT) in an arctic enclosure for a midstream company in Wyoming. We asked Integrated Flow Solutions’ Project Manager Dave Pollan about the system, who explained that for the midstream oil and gas market, this […]

What Is Balance of Plant in Power Plants?

Written by Welcome on January 22, 2019
BOP engineering

The Balance of Plant (BoP) is a power engineering term which refers to the various supporting and auxiliary components of a power plant system required to produce energy. BoP systems provide the support needed to keep the plant running stably and efficiently. Some important balance of plant components include inverters, transformers, switchgear, circuit breakers, etc. […]

What Is Midstream Oil & Gas?

Written by Welcome on January 8, 2019
what is midstream oil and gas?

The entire oil and gas energy value chain can be classified into upstream, midstream, and downstream oil and gas operations. Let’s take a quick look at these three oil and gas industry segments. The first phase (upstream operations) comprises all the activities and technologies involved in searching for, drilling, and producing hydrocarbons in commercial quantities. […]

Power Plant NOx Reduction – SCR vs SNCR Technology Which is better?

Written by Welcome on December 20, 2018
SCR emission control system

In the face of stringent global legislation from organizations like the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and equivalent regulatory bodies in the European Union aimed at minimizing harmful industrial emissions, utility companies are faced with the challenge of employing the most efficient and cost-effective strategies for compliance. Current and projected regulations for NOx control in […]

Natural Gas Dehydration Technologies TEG Glycol, Membrane, Adsorbents

Written by Welcome on December 18, 2018
natural gas dehydration methods

Vast amounts of natural gas produced from the hydrocarbon extraction process are stored in large sub-surface units known as Underground Gas Storages (UGS). There are three main types of UGSs: Aquifers Depleted oil and gas fields Salt cavern reservoirs Natural gas storage in UGSs serve as critical reserves accumulated during periods of low demand (e.g. […]

IFS Receives ISO 9001:2015 Certification

Written by Welcome on December 4, 2018

IFS received ISO 9001:2015 certification in November of 2018. ISO 9001:2015 is the latest ISO 9001 certification available and is used to demonstrate IFS’s achievement and continued commitment to conduct business in a thoroughly professional and consistent manner. ISO 9001 Certification is recognized as a symbol of excellence worldwide and is a quality prequalification accepted […]

Control Valve vs. Regulators for Gas Pressure Reduction? – How to Decide

Written by Welcome on November 27, 2018
control valve vs. regulator

Pressure regulators and pressure relief or control valves are important instruments in the oil and gas industry used for the same purpose – automated fluid control. However, the two instruments differ fundamentally in operation and design. It is important for operators, engineers, and other relevant stakeholders to understand the differences between these devices in order […]

What Is NGL? – Measurement Techniques

Written by Welcome on November 20, 2018
what is NGL?

Following the U.S. shale boom which saw the country become a major producer of oil and gas, production of Natural Gas Liquids from the gas component also proliferated. The prices of these products correlate closely with the crude oil price on the market. Due to the huge demand for these products on a global scale […]

What Is a Coriolis Flow Meter in O&G, and How Does It Work?

Written by Welcome on October 30, 2018
Coriolis mass flow meter

Within the oil and gas industry, there are a number of different options for metering flowrate. Over the years, Coriolis flow meters have become increasingly popular for liquid and gas measurement among oil and gas skid manufacturers and users. Although the initial costs for a Coriolis flow meter are higher that some types of metering, […]

Flow Meter Types Used in Midstream Oil and Gas

Written by Welcome on October 25, 2018
flow meters used in petroleum industries

For as long as there has been commercial oil and gas extraction, the industry has faced the challenge of accurate measurement. From allocating production to each well’s stakeholders to monitoring the oil and gas delivered, everyone involved in the oil and gas industry has a vested interest in ensuring flow measurements are correct. Over the […]

What Is a Fuel Gas Scrubber?

Written by Welcome on October 1, 2018
instrument gas scrubber natural fuel

Natural Gas Scrubber Skid If you regularly handle natural gas streams in your industry, there are times when you need to carefully and efficiently remove potentially harmful particulates and liquids. A gas scrubber can be used to filter particulates and liquids, improving the purity of your natural gas product. Examine how a fuel gas scrubber […]

What is Demineralized Water Used for on Offshore Platforms?

Written by Welcome on September 27, 2018
what is demineralized water?

Failing to remove minerals from water can destroy certain O&G processes & equipment that are critical to maintaining production uptime. Demineralized water is required for a wide range of applications in the oil and gas industry, and providing a source of this ultrapure water on an offshore platform is vital. What Is Demineralized Water? Demineralized […]

IFS Operational Improvements 2018

Written by Welcome on September 26, 2018

IFS MAKES SIGNIFICANT OPERATIONAL IMPROVEMENTS FOR PRODUCTION, STORAGE, & MEASUREMENT TEAM IN 2018 IFS has made several facility & personnel improvements over the last (6) months at IFS’s Tyler, Texas plant to better serve the Production Storage & Measurement market in USA. Schedule IFS uses a plant wide Microsoft Project Schedule for all in house […]

IFS Announces the Release of the AFCU 2020 Series Ammonia Flow Control Units

Written by Welcome on September 5, 2018
ammonia flow control

In response to market needs for a cost effective Ammonia Flow Control System for natural gas fired combustion turbines and boilers, IFS has announced the “AFCU 2020 Series”.  The AFCU 2020 Standard Ammonia Flow Control Units are designed to control the flow of ammonia from the Ammonia Storage / Forwarding System into an exhaust gas […]

IFS Supplies Cogeneration Power Plant Fuel Gas Conditioning Modules

Written by Welcome on August 30, 2018
cogeneration 5

IFS recently completed the design, fabrication, testing, and delivery of a packaged, skid mounted, fuel gas conditioning system to be installed at a Cogeneration Project located in Texas.  Gas supplied to the IFS Fuel Gas Conditioning system will be pipeline quality gas as specified in the customer specifications. The fuel gas will be used to […]

IFS Announces Stock “Lease Automated Custody Transfer” Unit Program

Written by Welcome on August 28, 2018
pinnacle LACT

IFS recently announced a new program to stock 2” and 3” Lease Automated Custody Transfer (LACT) Units for immediate shipment from the IFS Tyler, Texas location.  Five (5) 2 inch and five (5) 3 inch stock LACT skids are currently in stock available for immediate shipment. Per Dave Pollan, IFS Product Manager for Production Storage […]

IFS Welcomes Larry Dalrymple – Aftermarket Manager

Written by Welcome on August 21, 2018
Larry Dalrymple

IFS is pleased to announce that Larry Dalrymple is joining IFS to lead the Aftermarket Team in Tyler, Texas effective immediately. Larry is a skilled professional with experience in Sales, Management, Project Management, Product Management and Customer Service.  Larry leads by example in all endeavors. Larry’s most recent work experience was with a mechanical contractor […]

IFS Exhibits at the 2018 ISHM SHOW

Written by Welcome on July 6, 2018

IFS recently exhibited a 3” LACT unit and Pumpworks Progressive Cavity Pump at the INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL OF HYDROCARBON MEASUREMENT show from May 15-17, 2018 in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. Nick Miller, IFS PSM Application Engineer and William Shepherd, IFS PSM Project Manager attended the school and show for IFS. History ISHM is believed to be the […]

IFS 3” LACT Unit Successfully Installed In South Texas

Written by Welcome on July 6, 2018
IFS LACT unit 1

IFS recently commissioned the first of (6) 3” LACT Units rated for (60) Barrels per hour @ 145 psig measuring .82 Specific Gravity crude oil in South Texas. The 3” LACTs utilize an Emerson Micro Motion Coriolis flow meter to accurately measure the crude oil. The Pumpworks ANSI charge pump takes suction from the atmospheric […]


Written by Welcome on June 5, 2018
IFS with Varicon Pumps & Systems PVT. LTD and Peritum International

IFS’s India & SE Asia Sales Manager, Hemanth Chandra met with Varicon Pumps & Systems PVT. LTD and Peritum International during the 2018 Offshore Technical Conference in Houston, Texas on May 5, 2018. Varicon Pumps & Systems PVT. LTD specialize in precise Low Volume Chemical Injection, Fluid Transfer, and Automation for various applications in India’s […]


Written by Welcome on May 22, 2018
IFS OTC 2018 Brochure

Every year, the Offshore Technical Conference (OTC) is hosted by the city of Houston. The OTC was founded in 1969 and is the largest oil & gas industry event in the world featuring more than 2,300 exhibitors, and attendees representing 100 countries. This year, the OTC celebrated 50 years.  The Saudi Arabian Buyers Delegation visited […]

AECOM Fuel Gas Separator

Written by Welcome on May 8, 2018

IFS recently completed the fabrication of the Fuel Gas Separator, part of the complete Fuel Gas Treatment Train contracted by AECOM Energy & Construction, Inc. for the Alliant Riverside Energy Center Expansion Project in Beloit Wisconsin.  Jon Alexander, one of IFS’s best ASME code welders fabricated the Fuel Gas Separator (photo 1). The IFS Supplied […]

IFS Mission, Vision, Core Values & Goals

Written by Welcome on April 10, 2018

IFS was founded in 1979.  After almost 40 years of business activity, IFS is preparing for new growth, a fresh look at where we’ve been, and examine where we’re headed. IFS’s Management recently met to discuss our growth plans and refine IFS’s Mission Statement, Vision, Core Values & Goals. IFS Mission Statement The IFS Mission […]

IFS Welcomes Steven P. Ramsey – Operations Manager

Written by Welcome on March 29, 2018

IFS is pleased to announce that Steven P. Ramsey is joining IFS to lead the Operations Team in Tyler, Texas effective immediately. Steven is a skilled Senior Manufacturing Operations Manager with over 25 years of metal manufacturing experience. Steven is a results-oriented individual with strong leadership skills and a proven track record of process improvement. […]

IFS Ships Modular Crude Oil Pumping Station

Written by Welcome on March 27, 2018
modular crude oil pumping station

IFS recently completed the design, fabrication, wet testing and shipment of a Modular Crude Oil Pumping Station for Mandaree North Dakota.  The Modular Crude Oil Pump Station included: Welded I-Beam structure Insulated/heated building Integral sump (2) 100% Crude Oil Pumps/electric motors Overhead Bridge crane/hoist Suction/discharge piping Isolation/check valves Control valves Instrumentation Electrical switchgear with Variable […]

Tallgrass Meter Skid for Wyoming Gathering System

Written by Welcome on March 20, 2018

IFS recently supplied a metering skid to Tallgrass Energy in Wright, Wyoming.  The metering package is 11’ wide by 36’ long by 12′ high with an insulated, pre-manufactured enclosure for operation in cold climates.  An explosion proof ROC control system acts as the brains of the metering skid system that manages Input/Output signals in addition to metering […]

PumpWorks Castings is a Fully Integrated Industrial Foundry with ExOne Technology

Written by Welcome on March 6, 2018

Welcome to PumpWorks Castings in Lufkin, Texas USA. PumpWorks Castings and Integrated Flow Solutions are owned by DXP Enterprises There is an awareness in our industry that a quality industrial pump must start with quality castings. That’s why, in 2015, PumpWorks built a testament to our core mission to make the best pumps in the world…we […]

6 Well Head LACT Units Provided by IFS

Written by Welcome on February 2, 2018

IFS recently provided (6) Well Head Lease Automated Custody Transfer (LACT) units in Artic enclosures to Production Storage Measurement USA, a midstream company in Wyoming. In the PSM USA contract, IFS provided: (2) 4K BPD LACT units (2) 6K BPD LACT units (2) Dual 4K BPD LACT units The photos show the (2) 4K BPD LACT units […]

Nitrogen Generation Package For The Orlan Chemical Injection & Storage Upgrade Project

Written by Welcome on December 29, 2017

The Sakhalin Island is home to one of the largest oil and gas projects in Russia.  The operator of this consortium, Exxon Neftegas Limited, produces oil and gas off the northeast coast of the Sakhalin Island in the Russian Far East.  The development includes the offshore Orlan platform, which was built to withstand earthquakes and difficult sea ice […]

Startup & Commissioning Packages in the Cove Point LNG Plant

Written by Welcome on December 18, 2017

IFS recently completed start up and commissioning for the following packages installed in the Cove Point LNG Liquefaction Plant located in Lusby, Maryland: Ethane Compressor Package Ethane Heater Package Ethane Unloading Package Chemical Injection Package Hot Oil Package These packages were designed and fabricated to fit into an extremely small footprint within the liquefaction plant. The Cove […]

IFS Provides McDermott International With the Instrument & Utility Air Package

Written by Welcome on November 18, 2017
BP Angelin Topsides Platform

IFS provides McDermott International (MDR) with the design, materials, fabrication, testing, and inspection of the Instrument & Utility Air Package for the British Petroleum (BP) Angelin Development Project. The project involves the development of a six-slot wellhead platform which is Normally Unmanned Installation (NUI) in Angelin area located approximately 25 miles (40 km) off the […]

Mobil Producing Nigeria (MPN) and Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation Visit IFS

Written by Welcome on October 28, 2017
Harry Agbo with the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation and Lukman Wahab with Mobil Producing Nigeria

Harry Agbo with the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation and Lukman Wahab with Mobil Producing Nigeria visited IFS’s Tyler, Texas facility on October 9, 2017.  Both Harry and Lukman live and work in Lagos Nigeria.  It was a long trip to inspect the (4) Instrument Power Gas Skids and the (4) Gas Powered Sump Pump Skids […]

IFS Supports McDermott with Fuel Conditioning Package

Written by Welcome on October 11, 2017
IFS Fuel Gas Conditioning Package

IFS provides McDermott International with the design, materials, fabrication, testing, and inspection of the Fuel Gas Conditioning Package for the Angelin Development Project. The project involves the development of a six-slot wellhead platform which is Normally Unmanned Installation (NUI) in Angelin area located approximately 25 miles (40 km) off the east coast of Trinidad in […]

Pumpworks Introduces Complete Line of API 610 Barrel Pumps

Written by Welcome on September 28, 2017

Pumpworks, IFS’s sister company introduces a complete line of API 610 BB5 barrel pumps. Contact Mark Weidmann ( for more information. API 610 10th Edition states that unless otherwise specified, pumps with radially split casings are required for any of the following operating conditions: A pumping temperature of 200 °C (400 °F) or higher (a […]

Update: Prepackaged Pumping Station and Automatic Custody Transfer

Written by Welcome on August 22, 2017

Integrated Flow Solutions was contracted by Savage Services of Midvale, Utah to engineer, supply, and test a Prepackaged Horizontal Pumping System and Automatic Custody Transfer (ACT) Unit for crude oil injection to the Dakota Access Pipeline (DSPL). IFS conducted string testing of all completed modules at the IFS facility in Tyler, Texas to confirm the […]

IFS Earns ISO 9001 & CWB Recertifications

Written by Welcome on August 1, 2017

In 2010, Integrated Flow Solutions (IFS) obtained ISO 9001:2008 certification, which ensures that our products are designed, documented and implemented according to internationally mandated ISO 9001:2008 standards. As a condition of maintaining ISO certification, companies are required to undergo annual third-party recertification. Bureau Veritas (BV) was chosen to perform the IFS annual outside audit from […]

Integrated Flow Solutions Announces New Website Launch

Written by Welcome on July 26, 2017

Integrated Flow Solutions LLC (IFS), which specializes in the design and manufacture of Modular Engineered-to Order Liquid & Gas Process Systems, is pleased to announce the launch of its newly revamped website. The newly redesigned website is fully translated into six languages: English, Arabic, Korean, Spanish, Portuguese, and Russian. Additionally, the site features a clean […]

Update – Integrated Flow Solutions West Africa Limited

Written by Welcome on March 2, 2017

In 2011, IFS’s longtime partner, Craymond Nigeria Limited (CNL) and Integrated Flow Solutions (IFS) announced a new joint venture, IFS West Africa Limited (IFSWAL) to provide local content for Oil & Gas projects in Nigeria. IFSWAL is located in Port Harcourt (Rivers State, Nigeria). In 2016, IFSWAL completed its first contract valued at approximately $10MM […]

IFS Thriving in the Middle East

Written by Welcome on February 8, 2017

Three years after expanding sales operations to the Middle East by opening an office in Dubai, IFS is thriving in the region! Some of our recent accomplishments include: Hiring Lyubomir Stetsiv, Sales and Business Development Manager for the MENA and CIS regions. Lyubomir is a mechanical engineer with 10+ years of process package experience and […]

Benefits of Membrane Element vs. Amines for Conditioning Natural Gas

Written by Welcome on December 16, 2016

Purpose of Membrane Elements and Aqueous Alkanolamine Solutions (Amines) Raw natural gas contains non-homogeneous, solid and liquid contaminants, for example, water, mud and organic debris. While the removal of non-gaseous contaminants is necessary step in the raw natural gas conditioning process, separating solids and liquids from natural gas does not require particularly complex liquid process […]

IFS and DXP Partnership

Written by Welcome on November 28, 2016

Integrated Flow Solutions was acquired by DXP Enterprises on January 2, 2014. This partnership now provides IFS with a much broader range of midstream oil and gas products and services as follows: Pumpworks API 610 and ANSI B73.1 centrifugal pumps used in product transfer, LACT units, pipeline and pipeline booster pump applications. IPS Integrated Pumping […]

6 Reasons Why Membrane Separation Is a Financially Sound Proposition

Written by Welcome on November 8, 2016

Photo courtesy of Zabara Alexander The use of advanced membrane technologies in the separation of natural gas mixtures is an exciting and rapidly developing area of scientific interest. Its application in various industrial processes has recently undergone a number of practical improvements, such that the technique is now considered a superior method of feed gas purification for […]

Ethane Chiller Skid for the Dominion Cove Point LNG Plant

Written by Welcome on October 25, 2016

IFS provides process packages for many industries worldwide including new state of the art LNG liquefaction plants. Watch the video below to learn more about the Ethane Chiller Skid supplied by Integrated Flow Solutions for the Dominion Cove Point LNG Liquefaction LNG plant in Lusby, Maryland. This unit, along with a chemical Injection package, ethane unloading package, and hot oil package was designed

Welcome to Our New Sales and Business Development Manager

Written by Welcome on October 12, 2016

Integrated Flow Solutions is proud to introduce Lyubomir Stetsiv, our new Sales and Business Development Manager for the MENA and CIS regions, who joined the company on August 15th of this year. Lyubomir Stetsiv An enthusiastic professional with nine years experience in Oil and Gas EPC business development and tenders management in the Middle East, […]

Need a New Process Unit? Compare Modular vs. Stick Built

Written by Welcome on September 13, 2016

In the industrial process plant market, a top priority is to have services that offer the best quality and that are the most cost effective and productive. It is also imperative to evaluate the advantages and disadvantages of each option in the market, especially when you need to add or replace a processing unit within […]

IFS Appoints New Director of Global Sales, Domestic & International

Written by Welcome on July 26, 2016

Integrated Flow Solutions (IFS) is pleased to announce that Juan Patino has been promoted to the position of Sales Director. As Sales Director, Juan will be responsible for the domestic and International sales: both direct sales and sales originating from IFS’s network of sales representatives worldwide. As the first Sales Director for IFS, Juan will […]

Combined Cycle Power Plant Equipment that “Fit In”

Written by Welcome on July 13, 2016

IFS is a leading global supplier of new or replacement “Engineered-to-Order,” plug-and-play process equipment that is skid-mounted to fit into Simple & Combined Cycle Power Plants. As process skid manufacturers, our clients include commercial and residential power generation plants and industrial process facilities: LNG Liquefaction and Regasification Plants Refineries Chemical Process Plants Onshore & Offshore […]

Industrial Process Engineering Firm with Extreme Experience

Written by Welcome on June 21, 2016

To view IFS’s Global Industrial Process Engineering Capabilities, Click  On Image Above IFS is an industrial process engineering company specializing in modular, engineered-to-order, liquid and gas process packages and systems. Our plug-and-play process units are shipped skid-mounted and ready to plug-in at customer sites worldwide, no matter how extreme, remote and challenging the location. Our […]

Indirect Line Heater for HP Production Gas Offshore – Ecuador

Written by Welcome on May 22, 2016

IFS supplied a 10 MMBTU/HR high pressure (10,000 psig) production gas indirect fired line heater required by Petroamazonas Ecuador for the Amistad Offshore Platform As an industrial process engineering company specializing in modular, engineered-to-order modular process skids for the Oil & Gas industry, we find that our units are frequently installed at remote sites that present many […]

IFS LNG Processing Packages: Liquefaction & Regasification

Written by Welcome on May 20, 2016

Integrated Flow Solutions (IFS) specializes in modular, engineered-to-order skid-mounted packages, shipped ready to plug into customer process systems at sites anywhere in the world, including LNG liquefaction and regasification process plants and terminals. We also offer on-site installation assistance, training, commissioning, maintenance and aftermarket parts support. LNG Liquefaction Process Packages  NATURAL GAS COMPRESSION NG Seal/Buffer […]

IFS Process Engineering & Design Software at Work

Written by Welcome on April 13, 2016

IFS is a global process engineering company that designs and manufactures “Engineered-to-Order,” liquid and gas process modules for the Oil & Gas, Power, and Air Quality industries. Our units are designed to work reliably for years in some of the most remote locations and the harshest conditions in world. To help make this possible, IFS […]

Instrument Air & Nitrogen Generation Package for Trinidad

Written by Welcome on April 1, 2016

IFS’s Combined Instrument Air & Nitrogen Generation Packages supply clean, dry instrument air to users on oil and gas platforms and clean humidified nitrogen to the compressor seals for start-up. IFS modular process skids are always designed and engineered-to-order to meet the specifications of the customer, as with the BP Trinidad Juniper Project. The BP […]

High Pressure Fuel Gas Conditioning Package for Kuwait

Written by Welcome on March 18, 2016

In the bidding stage of this fuel gas conditioning package intended for a client in Kuwait, IFS’s process simulation  software identified process issues and opportunities for optimization. Project Overview Integrated Flow Solutions (IFS) was contacted by Al-Rashed Group which is one of the largest conglomerates in Kuwait.  Al-Rashed Group owns several companies including a division for […]

Project Cargo Management, No Matter the Size or Weight

Written by Welcome on January 8, 2016

IFS is a process engineering company that builds and ships “Engineered-to-Order” process packages for our Oil & Gas customers worldwide, however remote the location and however extreme the environment, no matter the size and the weight. The project cargo management process for shipping these packages to customer work sites is done in accordance with the […]

Go-Anywhere Oil & Gas Pipeline Pump Station Packages

Written by Welcome on December 9, 2015

As modular process skid manufacturers, IFS supplies “Engineered-to-Order” skid-mounted, modular pump packages to the midstream Oil & Gas market , however remote and severe the operating conditions. The modular design is the most time and cost efficient method of manufacturing and testing complicated  plug-and-play process packages for  midstream use in: Natural Gas Pipeline Stations Crude Oil Pipeline Stations […]

IFS Partners with Approved Regional Fabricators in KSA

Written by Welcome on November 23, 2015

IFS is a process engineering company with a long history of supplying “Engineered-to-Order” oil and gas process equipment packages to Saudi Aramco, the national oil company of Saudi Arabia.  Enabling our services, we partner with local Saudi Aramco approved regional fabricators to uniquely serve markets in the Middle East. Saudi Aramco is currently developing twelve […]

The EXTREME Experience O&G Process Engineering Company

Written by Welcome on November 2, 2015

Integrated system modules provide anhydrous or aqueous ammonia for upstream injection into a Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) unit for removal of NOx from flue gas. As global process skid manufacturers, IFS serves the needs of our O&G, Power Generation and Air Quality customers all over the world. Our engineers and our rugged engineered-to-order, modular liquid-and-gas process […]

Black Powder Filtration Removal in Natural Gas Pipelines

Written by Welcome on October 13, 2015

Black powder (the common term for various forms of iron sulfide mixed with contaminants) can collect in gas pipelines, leading to flow loss and premature failure of compressors, instruments, valve actuators, and other pipeline equipment.  The volume of black powder in gas pipelines varies but in some pipeline systems can cause significant compressor station operation […]

Modular Wellhead Production Equipment for Sakhalin Island

Written by Welcome on September 29, 2015

Project Overview Parker Drilling provides drilling equipment & services to Exxon Neftegas Ltd., a subsidiary of ExxonMobil Corp. and operator of the Sakhalin I consortium. The Sakhalin Island ODOPTU Land Drilling Rig (ODPL) is located onshore Sakhalin Island north of Japan in the Sea of Okhotsk in the Russian Far East. Environmental conditions on the […]

IFS Ammonia Tank Farms Come With Complete Instructions

Written by Welcome on September 21, 2015

Example of a complete Ammonia Tank Farm designed by IFS. Includes (2) Ammonia Storage Tanks, Truck Unloading Station, Rail Car Unloading Tower Package, Forwarding Pump Skid Package, Deluge Piping, Access Ladders and Platforms, One very important service IFS provides to our customers is Operating Documentation (a.k.a. Control Narrative) that includes detailed instructions in the operation […]

Offshore Fuel Gas Treatment Package Surprise

Written by Welcome on August 25, 2015

Fuel Gas Treatment Package built for use on Dolphin A Platform near Trinidad & Tobago In our industry, surprise is no surprise when you know how to be flexible and provide solutions. Here is one such project that surprised us and for which we quickly had a solution. Located offshore near Trinidad, West Indies, BG […]

Offshore Process Equipment Operation Training Services

Written by Welcome on August 13, 2015

IFS specializes in the design and manufacture of engineered-to-order, liquid-and-gas handling process systems for the offshore and onshore Oil & Gas industry as well as for the Power and Air Quality industries, and is among the top skid manufacturing companies. Where our training is very much appreciated, because of the extreme conditions, is offshore. Our trainers […]

Offshore Process Equipment Services for Every Package

Written by Welcome on August 3, 2015

Integrated Flow Solutions offshore modular process equipment packages are installed in Oil & Gas locations around the world. IFS offers training, commissioning, start-up, and maintenance for every package shipped.  These services are supplied in shipyards and final project offshore locations which may be operating under extreme conditions. Training  Classroom training in offshore equipment operation IFS […]

How is Nitrogen Gas (N2) Produced for Industrial Purposes?

Written by Welcome on July 22, 2015

Nitrogen gas (N2) is a colorless, odorless gas which makes up roughly 78% of the earth’s atmosphere.  It is used in industry as a simple asphyxiant with inerting quality making it useful in many applications where oxidation is not desired. N2 as an industrial gas is produced (generated) by one of the following means: Fractional distillation of liquid air (from […]

Removal of Dangerous H2S from Natural Gas

Written by Welcome on June 12, 2015

IFS Fuel Gas Conditioning Membrane Packages are Used to Remove High Levels of H2S from Natural Gas As a manufacturer of modular, engineered process packages for use in the Oil & Gas industry all over the world, IFS helps customers to overcome some of the most extreme challenges in remote locations, as we did in […]

IFS to Supply Fuel Gas Conditioning Packages for Iraq Rehabilitation Project

Written by Welcome on June 8, 2015

3D Drawing of Fuel Gas Conditioning Packages for Basrah Gas Co.’s West Quama Compressor Stations IFS is pleased to announce the receipt of a contract from UnaE&C to supply (2) Fuel Gas Conditioning Systems for the rehabilitation of the Iraq Basrah Gas Company’s West Quama compressor stations, CS7 and CS8. The primary use for these […]

All-in-One Industrial Electric Process Heater Specification

Written by Welcome on June 1, 2015

Safe Modulating EPH Control is Shown the P&ID IFS has written an Industrial Grade Electric Process Heater Specification that has consolidated Instrument & Electrical, Mechanical, Process, Safety, and Control into ONE specification called IFS 607A. This specification defines industrial grade electric process heaters and the technical requirements for the design, fabrication, inspection, testing, cleaning, painting, packaging, […]

Electric Process Heater Safety – Answers to Questions You Should Know

Written by Welcome on May 22, 2015

Hot Oil Package with Electric Process Heater (3D Drawing). Click to view PDF. Test your knowledge of electrical, mechanical and process engineering for Electric Process Heaters (EHPs) by answering the questions below. If you know most of the answers to these questions, you should feel confident in evaluating an EPH. If not, you may want […]

Electric Process Heater Selection

Written by Welcome on May 15, 2015

The IFS IntegraHeat Electric Heating Package is designed in accordance with IFS-607A technical specification to electrically heat liquids and gases. Specifying and maintaining Electrical Process Heaters (EPH) requires skills in electrical, chemical and mechanical engineering for each application. Engineering companies divide their engineers into electrical, mechanical and heat transfer groups, seldom soliciting and consolidating comments […]

Power & SCR DeNOx Modular Packages Engineered Ready to “Plug-In”

Written by Welcome on April 28, 2015

  Site Map for IFS Power & SCR DeNOx Packages.  IFS engineers and manufactures modular packages for Gas and Coal Fired Simple Cycle and Combined Cycle power plant projects that require SCR DeNOx, Balance of Plant (BOP) and/or Fuel Gas Conditioning modules. Units can be original to a project or a replacement for an existing […]

Why Buy a Modular Process System Unit

Written by Welcome on March 11, 2015

Power Plant Examples of SCR DeNOx Modularized Fabrication When a process system needs an original or replacement unit, the two main methods of construction today are “stick-built” (on-site/field construction) and “modularized fabrication” where outsourced shop-built units arrive on site ready to “plug into” the process system. Much like the new tankless water heater systems available today, […]

Quick Ship Pipeline Pump Package and Variable Frequency Drive — Update

Written by Welcome on February 11, 2015

Project Overview The Cusiana, Cupiagua and Cupiagua Sur fields are the largest oil & gas fields in Colombia, and they produce light crude, which is in large demand on the international market. Ecopetrol S.A. operates the crude oil pipeline system to transport the crude oil from the production facilities to export terminals on the Colombian […]

Quick Ship Pipeline Pump Package & Variable Frequency Drive

Written by Welcome on January 28, 2015

Project Overview The Cusiana, Cupiagua and Cupiagua Sur fields are the largest oil & gas fields in Colombia, and they produce light crude, which is in large demand on the international market. Ecopetrol S.A. operates the crude oil pipeline system to transport the crude oil from the production facilities to export terminals on the Colombian […]

Fuel Gas Membrane Conditioning Package for Use in Africa

Written by Welcome on December 16, 2014

Project Overview Total Petroleum operates Oil & Gas properties all over the world. Total Gabon produces natural gas and natural gas liquids onshore Gabon (West Africa) close to Port-Gentil at the PG2/PG2-CE site. The produced natural gas is used as fuel for the engine driven compressors and generators. However, the natural gas liquids in the […]

IFS Displays at POWER-GEN International

Written by Welcome on December 12, 2014

IFS participated in the POWER-GEN International exhibition held at the Orange County Convention Center in Orlando Florida December 2014. What is POWER-GEN? POWER-GEN International is the power generation industry’s annual exhibition of trends, technologies and issues facing the power generation sector. IFS and 1,400 power generation related companies from all sectors of the industry exhibited […]

Instrument Air & Nitrogen Generation Package for Iraq

Written by Welcome on October 28, 2014

Project Overview Majnoon in Southern Iraq is one of the world’s largest oil fields. Shell Iraq Petroleum Development (SIPD) won the contract to develop the Majnoon oilfield on behalf of the Iraqi Government’s Southern Oil Company (SOC) in 2009. On September 20, 2013, the first well had been successfully opened and production restarted at Majnoon. The […]

Desanding Skid for Use in British Columbia

Written by Welcome on October 21, 2014

Project Overview Encana operates oil & gas facilities in British Colombia. Frac sand is injected into oil & gas reservoirs to stimulate the production of oil & gas. When the frac sand is produced as part of the production stream, the frac sand can be very damaging to process equipment like valves, instruments, pumps and compressors […]

Pump & Metering Packages for Fuel Storage Facilities in Ghana

Written by Welcome on September 23, 2014

Project Overview In 2012, American Tank & Vessel Inc. received a $109MM Ex-Im Bank guarantee for the development of storage facilities in Ghana for the Bulk Oil Storage Transportation Company (BOST). In addition to site constructed storage tanks/piping, the AT&V contracted IFS to supply the following: 1 Gasoline Transfer Pump Package (2 pumps) 1 Diesel […]