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Black Powder Filtration Removal in Natural Gas Pipelines

October 13, 2015 Welcome

Black powder (the common term for various forms of iron sulfide mixed with contaminants) can collect in gas pipelines, leading to flow loss and premature failure of compressors, instruments, valve actuators, and other pipeline equipment.  The volume of black powder in gas pipelines varies but in some pipeline systems can cause significant compressor station operation problems.

Project Overview: Saudi Aramco operates the world’s largest single hydrocarbon network called the Master Gas System (MGS). The MGS is a gas gathering and processing system built in the mid 1970’s. This network allows Saudi Aramco to use or market nearly all the gas associated with oil production and non-associated gas produced gas produced from deep gas reservoirs.

Purpose of the MGS Expansion is to meet increased demand in the Central and Western regions by providing 12.5 BSCFD of Gas by 2020 thorough the installation of new pipelines and booster gas compression stations.

Project Owner: Saudi Aramco

Project Location: Saudi Arabia

Project: East West Pipeline SRG-2 Extension Project

The Challenge

Saudi Aramco uses pipeline natural gas to power valve actuators on the main gas pipeline valves.  A black powder analysis was performed on several Saudi Aramco gas pipelines and the black powder was fouling the valve actuators which prevented the pipeline valves from operating properly.

The IFS Solution

IFS was contracted to design, select, engineer, fabricate, test, inspect, and commission (3) “Gas Operated Valve (GOV) Filtration Packages for Saudi Aramco’s East West Pipeline SRG-2 Extension Project.  IFS chose to fabricate and test the (3) GOV Filtration Packages locally in order to provide Aramco with local progress inspections and testing.

Project Specs

IFS was challenged with removal of particles as follows.  (All percentages in numbers of particles):

< 67% smaller than 10 microns

< 86% smaller than 15 microns

< 100% smaller than 100 microns

The (3) GOV Filtration Package filter elements were designed for a minimum life of (6) months operational time under the following conditions:

Design Flow Rate Maximum 5 MMSCFD
Design Pressure 1100 psig
Design Temperature 155 F
Minimum Operating Pressure 510 psig
Normal Operating Pressure 625 psig
Normal Operating Temperature 100 F
PCV Set Pressure (at outlet)
Max. Pressure drop (clean/dirty) 2 psi / 10 psi
Particles to be removed 99.9 % of particles larger than 3 micron
Max. Allowable Velocity 25 m/sec2
Molecular Weight 17.56

For more information, see: Black Powder Removal Filtration Systems

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