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Technology for Power Plant Emission and Pollution Control

Written by Welcome on June 22, 2020
power plant air pollution

From its discovery to date, the large-scale production of electricity has significantly revolutionized how we live, work, and play. Production of significant quantities of electrical power is impossible without the invention of power plants. Despite their vital role in electrical energy production, like most industrial facilities, power plants release waste gases and other environmental pollutants. […]

IFS Announces the Release of the AFCU 2020 Series Ammonia Flow Control Units

Written by Welcome on September 5, 2018
ammonia flow control

In response to market needs for a cost effective Ammonia Flow Control System for natural gas fired combustion turbines and boilers, IFS has announced the “AFCU 2020 Series”.  The AFCU 2020 Standard Ammonia Flow Control Units are designed to control the flow of ammonia from the Ammonia Storage / Forwarding System into an exhaust gas […]

IFS Ammonia Tank Farms Come With Complete Instructions

Written by Welcome on September 21, 2015

Example of a complete Ammonia Tank Farm designed by IFS. Includes (2) Ammonia Storage Tanks, Truck Unloading Station, Rail Car Unloading Tower Package, Forwarding Pump Skid Package, Deluge Piping, Access Ladders and Platforms, One very important service IFS provides to our customers is Operating Documentation (a.k.a. Control Narrative) that includes detailed instructions in the operation […]