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Understanding Balance of Plant (BOP) Control Systems

Written by Welcome on January 31, 2024
Balance of Plant (BOP) Control System

The term “Balance of Plant” (BOP) refers to all the supporting systems and infrastructure required for a power plant to function efficiently. While the main focus is often on turbines and generators, the effective operation of a power plant relies heavily on the seamless integration and control of various systems. This is where Balance of […]

Renewable Energy Growth – Could Renewables Power the World?

Written by Welcome on October 27, 2020
renewable energy growth

Traditional sources of energy have been burdening the natural environment for decades and the world has been making a gradual shift towards more sustainable means of powering our domestic and industrial activities. Types of renewable energy are environmentally-friendly and can potentially substitute a large percentage of conventional fuels. However, the right resources and infrastructure must […]

Shelter Works Fiberglass Buildings

Written by Welcome on February 14, 2019

Recently Shelter Works was called upon to build a two room shelter to protect a Well Head Lease Automated Custody Transfer (LACT) in an arctic enclosure for a midstream company in Wyoming. We asked Integrated Flow Solutions’ Project Manager Dave Pollan about the system, who explained that for the midstream oil and gas market, this […]

Update: Prepackaged Pumping Station and Automatic Custody Transfer

Written by Welcome on August 22, 2017

Integrated Flow Solutions was contracted by Savage Services of Midvale, Utah to engineer, supply, and test a Prepackaged Horizontal Pumping System and Automatic Custody Transfer (ACT) Unit for crude oil injection to the Dakota Access Pipeline (DSPL). IFS conducted string testing of all completed modules at the IFS facility in Tyler, Texas to confirm the […]

Ethane Chiller Skid for the Dominion Cove Point LNG Plant

Written by Welcome on October 25, 2016

IFS provides process packages for many industries worldwide including new state of the art LNG liquefaction plants. Watch the video below to learn more about the Ethane Chiller Skid supplied by Integrated Flow Solutions for the Dominion Cove Point LNG Liquefaction LNG plant in Lusby, Maryland. This unit, along with a chemical Injection package, ethane unloading package, and hot oil package was designed