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Fuel Gas Conditioning Skids – Everything You Need to Know

Written by Welcome on April 8, 2023
fuel gas conditioning skid

Fuel gas is a critical driver for diverse industrial and commercial processes; however, it can damage the machinery that requires it to function if not properly purified. Fuel gas conditioning is an effective strategy for ensuring that the gas delivered to industrial processes is free of impurities that may damage sensitive machinery and stall productivity. […]

What Is Biofuel? – Types, Sources, Uses, and Is It Renewable?

Written by Welcome on January 29, 2021
how are biofuels made

As the world attempts to slow the negative effects of climate change, there has been a conscious shift towards renewable sources of energy for powering our daily lives. With alternative energy sources like biofuel being explored, it is crucial we fully understand how this game-changing fuel type is sourced and utilized. What Is Biofuel? Biofuel […]

Renewable Natural Gas (RNG) – What It Is, Where It Comes From & Benefits

Written by Welcome on August 24, 2020
what is renewable natural gas (RNG)?

A recent trend in the energy industry is an increased focus on recyclable sources of energy. Among the sources of renewable energy being touted as the future of clean power is renewable natural gas (RNG). While the power generated from RNG is cleaner than other sources, it isn’t perfect. The focus of this article will […]

Fuel Gas Conditioning Process and Equipment

Written by Welcome on January 14, 2020
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Gas conditioning is a critical part of several industrial applications and energy processes. Read on to learn more about the following: gas conditioning the difference between gas processing and conditioning the components of gas conditioning systems the different technologies used in the process and more Looking for our selection of gas conditioning equipment? View the […]

What Does a Coalescing Filter Do & How Does a Coalescer Work?

Written by Welcome on March 26, 2019
how does a coalescer work?

In downstream oil and gas operations, separation of the various crude fractions is done for the purpose of purification or commercialization. The separation process involves removing several liquids and gases from the hydrocarbon mix in separation units. Some examples include gas-oil, fuel-gas, and water-gas separation. A piece of vital equipment used for this purpose is […]

What Is a Fuel Gas Scrubber?

Written by Welcome on October 1, 2018
instrument gas scrubber natural fuel

Natural Gas Scrubber Skid If you regularly handle natural gas streams in your industry, there are times when you need to carefully and efficiently remove potentially harmful particulates and liquids. A gas scrubber can be used to filter particulates and liquids, improving the purity of your natural gas product. Examine how a fuel gas scrubber […]

AECOM Fuel Gas Separator

Written by Welcome on May 8, 2018

IFS recently completed the fabrication of the Fuel Gas Separator, part of the complete Fuel Gas Treatment Train contracted by AECOM Energy & Construction, Inc. for the Alliant Riverside Energy Center Expansion Project in Beloit Wisconsin.  Jon Alexander, one of IFS’s best ASME code welders fabricated the Fuel Gas Separator (photo 1). The IFS Supplied […]

Benefits of Membrane Element vs. Amines for Conditioning Natural Gas

Written by Welcome on December 16, 2016

Purpose of Membrane Elements and Aqueous Alkanolamine Solutions (Amines) Raw natural gas contains non-homogeneous, solid and liquid contaminants, for example, water, mud and organic debris. While the removal of non-gaseous contaminants is necessary step in the raw natural gas conditioning process, separating solids and liquids from natural gas does not require particularly complex liquid process […]

High Pressure Fuel Gas Conditioning Package for Kuwait

Written by Welcome on March 18, 2016

In the bidding stage of this fuel gas conditioning package intended for a client in Kuwait, IFS’s process simulation  software identified process issues and opportunities for optimization. Project Overview Integrated Flow Solutions (IFS) was contacted by Al-Rashed Group which is one of the largest conglomerates in Kuwait.  Al-Rashed Group owns several companies including a division for […]

Offshore Fuel Gas Treatment Package Surprise

Written by Welcome on August 25, 2015

Fuel Gas Treatment Package built for use on Dolphin A Platform near Trinidad & Tobago In our industry, surprise is no surprise when you know how to be flexible and provide solutions. Here is one such project that surprised us and for which we quickly had a solution. Located offshore near Trinidad, West Indies, BG […]

Removal of Dangerous H2S from Natural Gas

Written by Welcome on June 12, 2015

IFS Fuel Gas Conditioning Membrane Packages are Used to Remove High Levels of H2S from Natural Gas As a manufacturer of modular, engineered process packages for use in the Oil & Gas industry all over the world, IFS helps customers to overcome some of the most extreme challenges in remote locations, as we did in […]

IFS to Supply Fuel Gas Conditioning Packages for Iraq Rehabilitation Project

Written by Welcome on June 8, 2015

3D Drawing of Fuel Gas Conditioning Packages for Basrah Gas Co.’s West Quama Compressor Stations IFS is pleased to announce the receipt of a contract from UnaE&C to supply (2) Fuel Gas Conditioning Systems for the rehabilitation of the Iraq Basrah Gas Company’s West Quama compressor stations, CS7 and CS8. The primary use for these […]

Power & SCR DeNOx Modular Packages Engineered Ready to “Plug-In”

Written by Welcome on April 28, 2015

  Site Map for IFS Power & SCR DeNOx Packages.  IFS engineers and manufactures modular packages for Gas and Coal Fired Simple Cycle and Combined Cycle power plant projects that require SCR DeNOx, Balance of Plant (BOP) and/or Fuel Gas Conditioning modules. Units can be original to a project or a replacement for an existing […]

Fuel Gas Membrane Conditioning Package for Use in Africa

Written by Welcome on December 16, 2014

Project Overview Total Petroleum operates Oil & Gas properties all over the world. Total Gabon produces natural gas and natural gas liquids onshore Gabon (West Africa) close to Port-Gentil at the PG2/PG2-CE site. The produced natural gas is used as fuel for the engine driven compressors and generators. However, the natural gas liquids in the […]

Fuel Conditioning Skids For Use in South Korea

Written by Welcome on September 17, 2014

Project Overview Samsung C&T Corporation is a Korean Engineering and Construction company in Seoul, Korea. Samsung C&T Corporation received a contract from GMR Energy (Singapore) Pte Ltd. to supply a 400 MW combined cycle power plant in Jurong, Singapore. The power plant planned to use natural gas as the primary fuel and No. 2 Distillate […]

Fuel Gas Treatment Solution

Written by Welcome on August 8, 2014

Project Overview PEMEX has large Oil & Gas production offshore in the Gulf of Mexico. The CA-LITORAL-A project includes the largest Gas Compression Platform built by PEMEX in the last decade and includes Gas Dehydration and Gas Sweetening plants on the same platform. The platform generates its own electricity to power the production equipment and […]

Fuel Gas Package and Hot Oil Package for Jacobs Engineering Group

Written by Welcome on July 15, 2014

Project Overview Enbridge Offshore Facilities contracted Jacobs Engineering Group to provide Engineering, Procurement and Construction (EPC) Services for a Dual Condensate Stabilization (VCS) Process Unit at its Mississippi Canyon Pipeline Venice Louisiana facility. The original facility was constructed in 2010 but was in need of expansion as a result of the Shell’s Olympus offshore production […]

Offshore Wellhead Fuel Gas Conditioning Systems

Written by Welcome on May 30, 2014

Project Overview PEMEX has large oil & gas production offshore in the Gulf of Mexico. Each platform generates its own electricity to power the production equipment and living quarters. Produced wellhead gas is burned in the combustion turbine generators to produce the electricity. These state-of-the-art combustion turbines are designed for maximum efficiency and low emissions. […]

H2S Removal From Natural Gas

Written by Welcome on April 7, 2014

Project Overview Integrated Flow Solutions was contracted by Petrofac, LLC to design and supply a gas sweetening system that would remove H2S (Hydrogen Sulfide) from natural gas for use as a fuel for 3 engines and one steam boiler.  Russian Energy Company Gazprom Neft is the international oil company with concessions to operate this field. Project […]