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Natural Gas Dehydration Technologies TEG Glycol, Membrane, Adsorbents

Written by Welcome on December 18, 2018
natural gas dehydration methods

Vast amounts of natural gas produced from the hydrocarbon extraction process are stored in large sub-surface units known as Underground Gas Storages (UGS). There are three main types of UGSs: Aquifers Depleted oil and gas fields Salt cavern reservoirs Natural gas storage in UGSs serve as critical reserves accumulated during periods of low demand (e.g. […]

Glycol Regeneration Package for TEG Regeneration

Written by Welcome on May 13, 2014
glycol regeneration package

Project Overview of the Glycol Regeneration Package IFS was contracted by LLOG to design and build a Glycol Regeneration Package intended to clean and regenerate Tri-Ethylene Glycol (TEG). Project Specs for the TEG Regeneration Package Natural Gas Dehydration Double Deck design Flow rate of 19 gpm @ 1920 PSIG Project Contracted By LLOG Exploration Company […]