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Instrument Air & Nitrogen Generation Package for Trinidad

Written by Welcome on April 1, 2016

IFS’s Combined Instrument Air & Nitrogen Generation Packages supply clean, dry instrument air to users on oil and gas platforms and clean humidified nitrogen to the compressor seals for start-up. IFS modular process skids are always designed and engineered-to-order to meet the specifications of the customer, as with the BP Trinidad Juniper Project. The BP […]

Instrument Air & Nitrogen Generation Package for Iraq

Written by Welcome on October 28, 2014

Project Overview Majnoon in Southern Iraq is one of the world’s largest oil fields. Shell Iraq Petroleum Development (SIPD) won the contract to develop the Majnoon oilfield on behalf of the Iraqi Government’s Southern Oil Company (SOC) in 2009. On September 20, 2013, the first well had been successfully opened and production restarted at Majnoon. The […]