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What Is a Renewable Identification Number (RIN) – Renewable Fuel Standard

Written by Welcome on September 29, 2020
renewable fuel standard - EPA RIN requirements

With increased awareness of the effects of fossil fuel use, environmental litigation has begun to focus more and more on renewable energy. Renewable energy provides an alternative to petroleum-based fuels and has a smaller carbon footprint. In the US, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), mandates the inclusion of a fraction of renewable fuel in the […]

What Is Factory Acceptance Testing? – Purpose of FAT

Written by Welcome on May 19, 2020
what is factory acceptance test

The process of starting up industrial equipment for the very first time can be incredibly challenging. More frustrating is the possibility that some vital components may fail and affect your overall project completion schedule. Additionally, the failure of proper training for equipment operators and commissioning personnel can significantly contribute to improper equipment installation or set […]

[VIDEO] Steel-Frame Modular Pump Enclosures from IFS

Written by Welcome on January 28, 2020
industrial relocatable steel frame modular pump house

In 2019, IFS was contracted by Crestwood Midstream to design and fabricate a Produced Water Booster Pump Package. The pumping equipment would be housed in a weatherproof pump enclosure suitable for extreme North Dakota winter conditions. The building needed to be certified, inspected and labeled in accordance with State of North Dakota Building, Mechanical, Electrical, […]

Need a New Process Unit? Compare Modular vs. Stick Built

Written by Welcome on September 13, 2016

In the industrial process plant market, a top priority is to have services that offer the best quality and that are the most cost effective and productive. It is also imperative to evaluate the advantages and disadvantages of each option in the market, especially when you need to add or replace a processing unit within […]

Why Buy a Modular Process System Unit

Written by Welcome on March 11, 2015

Power Plant Examples of SCR DeNOx Modularized Fabrication When a process system needs an original or replacement unit, the two main methods of construction today are “stick-built” (on-site/field construction) and “modularized fabrication” where outsourced shop-built units arrive on site ready to “plug into” the process system. Much like the new tankless water heater systems available today, […]

IFS Process Engineering Packages Can Be Found Around the World

Written by developer on April 24, 2014

Overview IFS is a process engineering company supplying modular, “Engineered-to-Order” liquid and gas processing packages for the Oil & Gas, Power, and Air Quality industries around the world. View the slideshow above for an update on sample Projects/Products and locations. The Challenge Onsite construction or stick building of a process application component must factor in […]