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The Rising Need for ESG in The Energy Industry

Written by Welcome on March 28, 2022
esg energy sector

Understanding that the energy industry plays a crucial role in reducing the environmental impact of its operations is more critical today than it has ever been. Therefore, industry leaders must strive to align their business models with environmental responsibility best practices. By adopting an effective environment, social, and governance (ESG) model, industrial operators can ensure […]

How to Get Clean Energy – Is Renewable Energy Always Clean?

Written by Welcome on March 4, 2021
what is clean energy vs. renewable energy

It’s easy to get confused talking about clean, renewable, and green energy. The terms are often used interchangeably, but they don’t always have the same meaning. While there is a lot of overlap, subtle differences can have an effect on the environment and government credits for production. To fully understand the differences between clean and […]

What Is Biofuel? – Types, Sources, Uses, and Is It Renewable?

Written by Welcome on January 29, 2021
how are biofuels made

As the world attempts to slow the negative effects of climate change, there has been a conscious shift towards renewable sources of energy for powering our daily lives. With alternative energy sources like biofuel being explored, it is crucial we fully understand how this game-changing fuel type is sourced and utilized. What Is Biofuel? Biofuel […]

Biodiesel Guide – Sources, Production, Uses, & Regulations

Written by Welcome on December 18, 2020
how is biodiesel made

Over the past few decades, players in the renewable energy sector have continued to invest in biomass fuel production. This industry has seen significant growth with the major sources of biomass-derived energy (ethanol and biodiesel) helping to augment transport fuel needs. This article will highlight aspects of biodiesel production, including its sources, uses, as well […]

Potential Sources of Biogas and Main Uses of Biogas

Written by Welcome on November 19, 2020
what is biogas fuel production

In recent years, there has been a slow but steady shift towards the integration of renewable energy in powering homes, businesses, and industries. Among the top sources of renewable energy is biogas, a fuel fast gaining prominence as a leading resource for domestic and commercial power generation. Consider how biogas is sourced, as well as […]

Renewable Energy Growth – Could Renewables Power the World?

Written by Welcome on October 27, 2020
renewable energy growth

Traditional sources of energy have been burdening the natural environment for decades and the world has been making a gradual shift towards more sustainable means of powering our domestic and industrial activities. Types of renewable energy are environmentally-friendly and can potentially substitute a large percentage of conventional fuels. However, the right resources and infrastructure must […]

Technology for Power Plant Emission and Pollution Control

Written by Welcome on June 22, 2020
power plant air pollution

From its discovery to date, the large-scale production of electricity has significantly revolutionized how we live, work, and play. Production of significant quantities of electrical power is impossible without the invention of power plants. Despite their vital role in electrical energy production, like most industrial facilities, power plants release waste gases and other environmental pollutants. […]

What Is Balance of Plant in Power Plants?

Written by Welcome on January 22, 2019
BOP engineering

The Balance of Plant (BoP) is a power engineering term which refers to the various supporting and auxiliary components of a power plant system required to produce energy. BoP systems provide the support needed to keep the plant running stably and efficiently. Some important balance of plant components include inverters, transformers, switchgear, circuit breakers, etc. […]

Power & SCR DeNOx Modular Packages Engineered Ready to “Plug-In”

Written by Welcome on April 28, 2015

  Site Map for IFS Power & SCR DeNOx Packages.  IFS engineers and manufactures modular packages for Gas and Coal Fired Simple Cycle and Combined Cycle power plant projects that require SCR DeNOx, Balance of Plant (BOP) and/or Fuel Gas Conditioning modules. Units can be original to a project or a replacement for an existing […]