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Pre-Combustion vs. Post-Combustion Carbon Capture Technologies

Written by Welcome on May 27, 2022
post combustion carbon capture technology

As many are well aware, there is rising advocacy against the effects of fossil fuel-based industrial and residential applications, such as global warming and climate change. Consequently, world leaders and policy-makers are increasingly mandating the incorporation of carbon capture technologies into their industrial processes. These technologies aid the minimization of CO2 emissions into the atmosphere. […]

The Importance of CCUS In the Oil and Gas Industry

Written by Welcome on March 1, 2022
ccus solutions

In today’s faced-paced world of commerce and industry, emissions generated from natural gas recovery and processing can leave a significant carbon footprint on the natural environment. However, there is an effective way to circumvent the issues of natural gas emissions—carbon, capture, utilization, and storage systems. How Does CCUS Work? Carbon capture, utilization, and storage (CCUS) […]

5 Little-Known Benefits of Modular Process Systems

Written by Welcome on February 4, 2022
modular process systems

Industrial manufacturing is a constantly evolving area where optimizing your process systems can be the difference between an enhanced overall output and unwanted production setbacks. Modular process systems have revolutionized manufacturing processes for various industries, offering several advantages for the companies that utilize them. This article will discuss five of the little-known benefits of operating […]

The Top Oil and Gas Applications for Heat Exchangers

Written by Welcome on October 26, 2021

Like any other industrial process, oil and gas production is associated with generating significant amounts of heat. Unregulated industrial processes can result in detrimental temperature spikes affecting machinery, transport channels, and even the product itself. To maintain optimal thermal conditions in oil and gas systems, heat exchangers are often employed. So, we know heat exchangers […]

5 Modular Skid Fabrication Services You Didn’t Know About

Written by Welcome on September 29, 2021

In several process industries, the production of finished items involves transforming raw materials by subjecting them to thermal and mechanical stresses. In many instances, the processes require engineered skid-mounted process systems to efficiently achieve desired results. Consequently, plant operators must have extensive knowledge of the skid fabrication services available to them. There are a variety […]

Industrial Solvent Recovery Systems Frequently Used in O&G

Written by Welcome on May 28, 2019
industrial solvent recovery systems

Oilfield operators looking to thrive in this competitive industry must continuously seek ways to optimize their processes in an environmentally-conscious and economic manner. This article will introduce some effective techniques for improving solvent recovery at your facility. What Is Solvent Recovery? Industrial solvent recovery is the process of extracting useful solvents from a process waste […]

Uses of Steam Distillation in the O&G Industry

Written by Welcome on May 14, 2019
what is steam distillation process?

Steam distillation (also known as steam stripping) is an old technique for fluid separation, originally invented during the 9th century. Today, the process has been optimized for use in lab-scale and industrial applications for recovering useful compounds from chemical solutions, purifying process streams, and in the treatment of industrial wastewater. This article will explain the […]

Pilot Plant Scale Up Techniques in Oil & Gas and Power Generation Industries

Written by Welcome on April 9, 2019
pilot plant scale-up techniques

Pilot plants offer a host of benefits to the oil & gas and power generation industries including market development, product refinement, and scalability in line with the project sponsor’s objectives. This article will explain what a pilot plant is, justifications for using a pilot facility, and how it can be used to scale up production […]

What Is Instrumentation & Control Engineering?

Written by Welcome on March 5, 2019
what is instrumentation and control engineering

Instrumentation and control refer to the analysis, measurement, and control of industrial process variables using process control instruments and software tools such as temperature, pressure, flow, and level sensors, analyzers, electrical and mechanical actuators, Human-Machine Interfaces (HMI), Piping and Instrumentation Diagram (P&ID) systems, automated control systems and more. What Is Instrumentation and Control Engineering? Control […]

Update – Integrated Flow Solutions West Africa Limited

Written by Welcome on March 2, 2017

In 2011, IFS’s longtime partner, Craymond Nigeria Limited (CNL) and Integrated Flow Solutions (IFS) announced a new joint venture, IFS West Africa Limited (IFSWAL) to provide local content for Oil & Gas projects in Nigeria. IFSWAL is located in Port Harcourt (Rivers State, Nigeria). In 2016, IFSWAL completed its first contract valued at approximately $10MM […]

IFS Appoints New Director of Global Sales, Domestic & International

Written by Welcome on July 26, 2016

Integrated Flow Solutions (IFS) is pleased to announce that Juan Patino has been promoted to the position of Sales Director. As Sales Director, Juan will be responsible for the domestic and International sales: both direct sales and sales originating from IFS’s network of sales representatives worldwide. As the first Sales Director for IFS, Juan will […]

Industrial Process Engineering Firm with Extreme Experience

Written by Welcome on June 21, 2016

To view IFS’s Global Industrial Process Engineering Capabilities, Click  On Image Above IFS is an industrial process engineering company specializing in modular, engineered-to-order, liquid and gas process packages and systems. Our plug-and-play process units are shipped skid-mounted and ready to plug-in at customer sites worldwide, no matter how extreme, remote and challenging the location. Our […]

IFS Process Engineering & Design Software at Work

Written by Welcome on April 13, 2016

IFS is a global process engineering company that designs and manufactures “Engineered-to-Order,” liquid and gas process modules for the Oil & Gas, Power, and Air Quality industries. Our units are designed to work reliably for years in some of the most remote locations and the harshest conditions in world. To help make this possible, IFS […]

Project Cargo Management, No Matter the Size or Weight

Written by Welcome on January 8, 2016

IFS is a process engineering company that builds and ships “Engineered-to-Order” process packages for our Oil & Gas customers worldwide, however remote the location and however extreme the environment, no matter the size and the weight. The project cargo management process for shipping these packages to customer work sites is done in accordance with the […]

IFS Partners with Approved Regional Fabricators in KSA

Written by Welcome on November 23, 2015

IFS is a process engineering company with a long history of supplying “Engineered-to-Order” oil and gas process equipment packages to Saudi Aramco, the national oil company of Saudi Arabia.  Enabling our services, we partner with local Saudi Aramco approved regional fabricators to uniquely serve markets in the Middle East. Saudi Aramco is currently developing twelve […]

The EXTREME Experience O&G Process Engineering Company

Written by Welcome on November 2, 2015

Integrated system modules provide anhydrous or aqueous ammonia for upstream injection into a Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) unit for removal of NOx from flue gas. As global process skid manufacturers, IFS serves the needs of our O&G, Power Generation and Air Quality customers all over the world. Our engineers and our rugged engineered-to-order, modular liquid-and-gas process […]

Offshore Process Equipment Operation Training Services

Written by Welcome on August 13, 2015

IFS specializes in the design and manufacture of engineered-to-order, liquid-and-gas handling process systems for the offshore and onshore Oil & Gas industry as well as for the Power and Air Quality industries, and is among the top skid manufacturing companies. Where our training is very much appreciated, because of the extreme conditions, is offshore. Our trainers […]

IFS Displays at POWER-GEN International

Written by Welcome on December 12, 2014

IFS participated in the POWER-GEN International exhibition held at the Orange County Convention Center in Orlando Florida December 2014. What is POWER-GEN? POWER-GEN International is the power generation industry’s annual exhibition of trends, technologies and issues facing the power generation sector. IFS and 1,400 power generation related companies from all sectors of the industry exhibited […]

IFS Forms West Africa Limited to Meet Local Content Requirements

Written by Welcome on July 22, 2014

Project Overview As a global process engineering company for the O&G industry, IFS frequently works with local vendors to meet the local content requirements of their country. This offshore project is an example of how that can work. Mobil Producing Nigeria (MPN) is one of the largest oil producers in Nigeria. MPN commenced operations in […]

IFS Process Engineering Packages can be Found Around the World

Written by Welcome on April 24, 2014

Overview IFS is a process engineering company supplying modular, “Engineered-to-Order,” liquid and gas processing packages for the Oil & Gas, Power, and Air Quality industries around the world. View the slideshow above for sample Projects/Products and locations. The Challenge Onsite construction or stick building of a process application component must factor in the inefficiencies of […]

Craymond Nigeria LTD & IFS Form Nigerian Joint Venture – Integrated Flow Solutions South Africa Limited

Written by Welcome on October 28, 2011

Integrated Flow Solutions (IFS) is proud to announce a new joint venture with longtime partners Craymond Nigeria Ltd., a well known Nigerian engineering & construction company, and a supplier for a variety of petroleum industry  related engineered products. “We have been working towards a goal of building pump and process skids in Nigeria for a while […]

IFS Expands to the Middle East

Written by Welcome on August 4, 2011

Integrated Flow Solutions is excited to announce that we have expanded sales coverage to the Middle East. Murad Basaria (click here to contact us) has been promoted to cover the Middle East with focus on Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar and Iraq. Murad is a degreed chemical engineer and who has been working for IFS […]

Integrated Flow Solutions Debuts New Website

Written by Welcome on August 4, 2011

Integrated Flow Solutions recently launched a new website that displays current markets & products.  New company certifications are also displayed, including the ISO 9001:2008, PED, ATEX, National Board and ASME Certificates. Website design by MARION Integrated Marketing. IFS is a global process engineering company specializing in modular, “Engineered-to-Order,” modular process skids for the O&G, Power and […]

Fast-Track FPSO Projects: Quickship Pumping Systems

Written by Welcome on June 9, 2011

Integrated Flow Solutions provides fully tested and warranted high-pressure pumping modules for offshore crude oil pipeline or water injection applications in shipment ranges of 12-16 weeks. IFS sister division, Best PumpWorks, has the largest inventory in the world of remanufactured/surplus heavy-duty API-610 single and multistage pumps. With these completely remanufactured and fully warranted pumps, IFS can […]

IFS Featured in POWER-GEN Today

Written by Welcome on June 9, 2011

              Ninety-five percent of the world’s consumers live outside of the United States, and as a result, more and more U.S. companies are looking to increase their international sales with help from the Commerce Department’s U.S. Commercial Service and other federal agencies. POWER-GEN, an International conference held for professionals […]

Modular Systems Manufacturer Establishes Nigeria Support Partner

Written by Welcome on June 9, 2011

Integrated Flow Solutions officials have announced that they have established a sales and service program with their new Nigerian partner, Craymond Nigeria Limited. IFS will now provide clients with a local support infrastructure based out of the Craymond Nigerian facilities. Craymond, a well know Nigerian supplier for a variety of petroleum industry related goods and […]