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Electric Process Heaters: Different Types, Uses, Considerations

Written by Welcome on December 22, 2023
Electric Process Heater

Electric process heaters are engineered to elevate your operations, providing reliable and controlled heating solutions. They come in different types, each designed for specific uses, and considering the right one for your application is a must. What is an Electric Process Heater? An electric process heater is a specialized device designed to heat various substances […]

Types of Heat Exchangers in Oil & Gas – Applications & How They Work

Written by Welcome on October 8, 2019
types of heat exchangers in oil and gas industry

A notable by-product of many industrial and manufacturing processes is heat. While thermal energy may be beneficial to some production processes, it may also cause significant damage to sensitive machinery and control systems if improperly regulated. Most industrial systems have mechanisms in place to dissipate excessive heat. A popular thermoregulation device employed in this regard […]

Indirect Line Heater for HP Production Gas Offshore – Ecuador

Written by Welcome on May 22, 2016

IFS supplied a 10 MMBTU/HR high pressure (10,000 psig) production gas indirect fired line heater required by Petroamazonas Ecuador for the Amistad Offshore Platform As an industrial process engineering company specializing in modular, engineered-to-order modular process skids for the Oil & Gas industry, we find that our units are frequently installed at remote sites that present many […]

All-in-One Industrial Electric Process Heater Specification

Written by Welcome on June 1, 2015

Safe Modulating EPH Control is Shown the P&ID IFS has written an Industrial Grade Electric Process Heater Specification that has consolidated Instrument & Electrical, Mechanical, Process, Safety, and Control into ONE specification called IFS 607A. This specification defines industrial grade electric process heaters and the technical requirements for the design, fabrication, inspection, testing, cleaning, painting, packaging, […]

Electric Process Heater Safety – Answers to Questions You Should Know

Written by Welcome on May 22, 2015

Hot Oil Package with Electric Process Heater (3D Drawing). Click to view PDF. Test your knowledge of electrical, mechanical and process engineering for Electric Process Heaters (EHPs) by answering the questions below. If you know most of the answers to these questions, you should feel confident in evaluating an EPH. If not, you may want […]

Electric Process Heater Selection

Written by Welcome on May 15, 2015

The IFS IntegraHeat Electric Heating Package is designed in accordance with IFS-607A technical specification to electrically heat liquids and gases. Specifying and maintaining Electrical Process Heaters (EPH) requires skills in electrical, chemical and mechanical engineering for each application. Engineering companies divide their engineers into electrical, mechanical and heat transfer groups, seldom soliciting and consolidating comments […]