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Carbon Capture vs. Carbon Removal: What’s the Difference?

Written by Welcome on February 21, 2023
carbon removal vs carbon capture

Conventional industrial manufacturing processes generate waste gases and fluids that can disrupt ecosystems with long-term impacts on climate, including global warming. Carbon elimination techniques present an effective solution to industrial emissions. This article will highlight the key differences between key carbon control technologies. Carbon Removal vs. Carbon Capture While there seem to be a lot […]

What Are the Different Types of Carbon Sequestration?

Written by Welcome on January 31, 2023
different types of carbon sequestration

Carbon sequestration is an essential strategy for reducing greenhouse gas emissions and mitigating the effects of climate change. There are various carbon sequestration methods, each with its own distinct characteristics and benefits. This article will look at the multiple types of carbon sequestration, including their technical details and practical applications. Carbon Sequestration? Carbon sequestration is […]

Geologic Sequestration of Carbon Dioxide: What You Should Know

Written by Welcome on November 14, 2022
geological sequestration

Carbon dioxide released from both natural biochemical processes and human activities is a heat-retaining gas with implications for global warming. Various carbon sequestration technologies are being implemented globally to reduce the levels of heat-trapping carbon emissions. In this article, we will cover geologic carbon sequestration and its risks. What Is Geologic Carbon Sequestration? Geologic sequestration […]

What the Inflation Reduction Act Means for Decarbonization & CCUS

Written by Welcome on October 3, 2022
Inflation Reduction Act Decarbonization

Rising carbon emissions in the United States have led to the enactment of several legislations aimed at amending incentivizes for deploying CCUS technologies. One such legislation is the Inflation Reduction Act (IRA), which stipulates an up to $200/metric ton credit tax increase for existing and new carbon capture projects. This article explores this legislation and its […]

6 Tips for A Successful Carbon Capture Project

Written by Welcome on August 30, 2022
carbon capture project

Carbon capture and sequestration is a widely discussed topic globally due to the growing need to minimize global warming and greenhouse gas emissions. This article overviews the technology and highlights some tips and considerations for carbon capture projects. The Science Behind Carbon Capture Operators must account for the large real estate requirements of CO2 absorption […]

Bioenergy with Carbon Capture and Storage – A New Approach

Written by Welcome on July 18, 2022
bioenergy with carbon capture and storage

Global energy usage is increasingly favoring the use of renewable energy. This trend is a result of the drive for cleaner energy usage to sustain our natural environment. Bioenergy with carbon capture and storage is an exciting new technology that can be used to achieve environmental protection while providing us with the energy we need […]

How CO2 Pumping Helps with Natural Gas Processing – CCUS Solutions

Written by Welcome on September 7, 2021

During initial exploration, natural gas formation pressures are sufficient to sustain maximal output. However, these pressures will eventually dwindle, resulting in diminished productivity. In these cases, enhanced oil recovery techniques such as carbon dioxide pumping become the most efficient method to maximize gas well output. Removing CO2 emissions from natural gas is becoming a matter […]

The Rising Need of Siloxane Removal Systems for Biogas Cleaning

Written by Welcome on June 25, 2021

Biogas is a renewable energy source suitable for powering combustion engines, hence cutting down the need for coal, crude oil, and natural gas. Operators harvest it from liquid and solid waste streams, which are increasingly composed of siloxanes found in many industrial and household products. Engine manufacturers require maximum siloxane concentration in biogas to ensure […]

What Is CCUS Technology & How Does It Work?

Written by Welcome on May 27, 2021
carbon emissions

Currently, Carbon Capture, Utilization, and Storage (CCUS) technologies have been making waves—probably because they are in line with meeting global greenhouse gas reduction goals. Perhaps we should consider giving more attention to capturing CO2 around stationary pollution sources, like coal plants that make up a high percentage of CO2 emissions. Keep reading this article where […]

What Are VOCs? Removing VOCs from Biogas | IFS

Written by Welcome on May 7, 2021
What are VOCs?

With the drive for a safer, greener planet being embraced by more countries of the world, the industry for renewable energy will continue to grow. Biogas represents one of the fastest-growing sources of renewable energy for domestic, commercial, and industrial processes. Before biogas can be channeled to uses, it must first be optimized by removing […]

Hydrogen Color – Gray, Blue, & Green Hydrogen – Production, Storage, & Uses

Written by Welcome on April 2, 2021

With an ever-increasing emphasis on clean, renewable energy globally, energy producers are harnessing hydrogen as a source of power. While hydrogen has been shown to have diverse applications across the entire power generation spectrum, it must first be processed into useful forms. This article will discuss how to synthesize different forms of hydrogen gas on […]

Importance of Line Heaters in the Oil and Gas Industry

Written by Welcome on March 24, 2020
heater in oil and gas industry

To ensure a satisfactory rate of production in the oil and gas industry, operators must always use the right array of equipment. The use of appropriate equipment is particularly critical as oil and gas manufacture generates a lot of contaminants and by-products which may diminish process efficiency. Line heaters in the oil and gas industry […]

Effects of Black Powder in O&G and How to Prevent Them

Written by Welcome on March 10, 2020
black powder corrosion

One of the most serious issues facing the oil and gas manufacturing industry is the formation of black powder. This corrosive substance is responsible for significant damage to process components including pipeline networks. The damage caused by this substance has undesirable implications for production costs and efficiency, necessitating preventive measures. In this article, we outline […]

Guide to FPSO Topside Process Modules Fabrication

Written by Welcome on February 25, 2020
FPSO modules fabrication

Offshore sub-sea oil & gas wells are highly productive in the modern Oil and Gas industry. According to the U.S. Energy Information Administration, offshore oil & gas production has accounted for about 30% of global crude oil production over the past decade. Semi-submersible platforms, fixed platforms, spar platforms, tension leg platforms, and FPSOs are used […]

2020 IFS Company Profile

Written by Welcome on December 18, 2019

Integrated Flow Solutions (IFS) is a global industrial process engineering company that designs and manufactures skid-mounted engineered-to-order & configure-to-order, liquid-and-gas process solutions for the Oil & Gas, Refinery, Power and Air Quality industries, among others.  IFS’s plug-and-play process skids are designed and engineered to work reliably for years in some of the most remote locations […]

What Is Hydraulic Fracturing? – Fracking Process Steps

Written by Welcome on September 3, 2019
what is hydraulic fracturing? - well head setup

Hydraulic fracturing is one of the most effective techniques for recovering unconventional oil and gas resources. The plunge in oil prices between 2014 and 2016 was partly an aftereffect of extensive hydraulic fracturing production in U.S. shale plays which ramped up the overall volume of crude worldwide and caused an oversupply. However, the hydraulic fracturing […]

How to Calibrate a Flow Meter & Calibration Procedures

Written by Welcome on March 18, 2019
flow meter calibration

A flow meter is a test device used to measure the flow rate of process fluids and gases in industrial plants and facilities. The flow rate refers to the speed at which a process fluid is moving through pipelines, orifices, or vessels at a given time. Control and instrumentation engineers measure this value to monitor […]

IFS Supplies Cogeneration Power Plant Fuel Gas Conditioning Modules

Written by Welcome on August 30, 2018
cogeneration 5

IFS recently completed the design, fabrication, testing, and delivery of a packaged, skid mounted, fuel gas conditioning system to be installed at a Cogeneration Project located in Texas.  Gas supplied to the IFS Fuel Gas Conditioning system will be pipeline quality gas as specified in the customer specifications. The fuel gas will be used to […]

IFS Announces Stock “Lease Automated Custody Transfer” Unit Program

Written by Welcome on August 28, 2018
pinnacle LACT

IFS recently announced a new program to stock 2” and 3” Lease Automated Custody Transfer (LACT) Units for immediate shipment from the IFS Tyler, Texas location.  Five (5) 2 inch and five (5) 3 inch stock LACT skids are currently in stock available for immediate shipment. Per Dave Pollan, IFS Product Manager for Production Storage […]

IFS Welcomes Steven P. Ramsey – Operations Manager

Written by Welcome on March 29, 2018

IFS is pleased to announce that Steven P. Ramsey is joining IFS to lead the Operations Team in Tyler, Texas effective immediately. Steven is a skilled Senior Manufacturing Operations Manager with over 25 years of metal manufacturing experience. Steven is a results-oriented individual with strong leadership skills and a proven track record of process improvement. […]

IFS Provides McDermott International With the Instrument & Utility Air Package

Written by Welcome on November 18, 2017
BP Angelin Topsides Platform

IFS provides McDermott International (MDR) with the design, materials, fabrication, testing, and inspection of the Instrument & Utility Air Package for the British Petroleum (BP) Angelin Development Project. The project involves the development of a six-slot wellhead platform which is Normally Unmanned Installation (NUI) in Angelin area located approximately 25 miles (40 km) off the […]

IFS Featured in February Issue of Business in Focus Magazine

Written by developer on March 20, 2017

Once again, IFS was featured in Business in Focus magazine. Successfully bringing together the country’s top businesses and potential clients, Business in Focus is delivered to over 363,100 subscribers every month. IFS is featured on pages 218-221 of the February 2017 issue.  Bill Marsh, President of IFS, and Juan Patino, Director of Global Sales for […]

IFS Thriving in the Middle East

Written by Welcome on February 8, 2017

Three years after expanding sales operations to the Middle East by opening an office in Dubai, IFS is thriving in the region! Some of our recent accomplishments include: Hiring Lyubomir Stetsiv, Sales and Business Development Manager for the MENA and CIS regions. Lyubomir is a mechanical engineer with 10+ years of process package experience and […]