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Two Phase Separator vs. Three Phase Separator Differences

Written by Welcome on November 5, 2019
two-phase separator vs. three-phase separator

Natural gas operators utilize several devices to purify well streams in offshore and onshore facilities before carrying out oil and gas measurement and sale. Dehydrating natural gas helps to prevent several problems that occur in storage and transportation such as corrosion of storage vessels, inaccuracies in the metering of gas flow, and the presence of […]

Who Is the Largest Oil Producing Country in the World?

Written by Welcome on September 17, 2019
top oil producing countries - well pumps with city background

Despite a very gradual shift to renewables such as solar, wind, and nuclear geothermal, crude oil and petroleum products persist as the world’s most valuable energy source. This source of energy is utilized in everything from transport to industry, heating, and pharmaceuticals. Crude oil is obtained from geological formations across the world with varying amounts […]

Enhanced Oil Recovery (EOR) Techniques and Helpful Technology

Written by Welcome on August 6, 2019
what is EOR enhanced oil recovery?

Oil recovery in hydrocarbon production is a series of efforts aimed at obtaining as much oil & gas as possible from a hydrocarbon-bearing reservoir. Typically, the rate of production varies over the lifecycle of a well; thus, the formation will require additional stimulation to ensure that production volumes remain at sustainable levels for as long […]

IFS Water Injection Skid

Written by developer on May 12, 2017

When Upstream Oil & Gas companies drill for hydrocarbons, water is typically present in the reservoir and produced along with the oil & gas stream.  The produced water can contain contaminants like salt and can be considered corrosive and toxic.  Proper handling of the produced water is critical. The produced water can be re-injected into […]