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What Is Water Injection in O&G and How Does it Work?

Written by Welcome on March 12, 2019
what is water injection in oil and gas?

Over the life cycle of a well, there are three stages of hydrocarbon production; primary hydrocarbon recovery, secondary hydrocarbon recovery, and enhanced oil recovery (EOR). EOR becomes essential when there is a decline in the reservoir pressure and primary and secondary recovery methods have become unable to sustain profitable production. One commonly used unconventional hydrocarbon […]

IFS Water Injection Skid

Written by developer on May 12, 2017

When Upstream Oil & Gas companies drill for hydrocarbons, water is typically present in the reservoir and produced along with the oil & gas stream.  The produced water can contain contaminants like salt and can be considered corrosive and toxic.  Proper handling of the produced water is critical. The produced water can be re-injected into […]

Water Injection Pump Packages for Use in Ecuador

Written by Welcome on August 18, 2014

Project Overview Ecuador’s Petroamazonas EP, a unit of state oil company Petroecuador, is engaged in the exploration and development of oil reserves in Ecuador. The company operates blocks 7, 15, 18 and 21, and is developing block 31. Petroamazonas EP issued a public tender for the following equipment to be installed in OSO B, Block […]