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Combined Cycle Power Plant Equipment that “Fit In”

July 13, 2016 Welcome

IFS is a leading global supplier of new or replacement “Engineered-to-Order,” plug-and-play process equipment that is skid-mounted to fit into Simple & Combined Cycle Power Plants. As process skid manufacturers, our clients include commercial and residential power generation plants and industrial process facilities:

  • LNG Liquefaction and Regasification Plants
  • Refineries
  • Chemical Process Plants
  • Onshore & Offshore Oil & Gas Processing Plants

See below for some of our Simple and Combined Cycle Power Plant Equipment Packages.

Combined Cycle Power Plant Equipment Site Map. Click Image to Enlarge

Power Island

>For Both Simple & Combined Power Plants

  • Gas Turbine Water Injection Pump Packages
  • Turbine Air Inlet Cooling Packages
  • Turbine Inlet Air Heating Packages

>For Combined Power Plants Only

  • Boiler Feedwater Pump Packages
  • Boiler Circulating Pump Packages
  • Condensate Hotwell Pump Packages
  • Cooling Water Feed Pump Packages
  • Deareator Make-up Pump Package
  • Deareator Pump Packages
  • Phosphate & Inhibitor Injection Packages
  • Sodium Hypochlorite & Sulphuric Acid Injection Package

Balance of Plant (BOP)

>Liquid Fuel Packages

  • Liquid Fuel Forwarding Pump Package
  • Liquid Fuel Filtering Package
  • Liquid Fuel Heating Package

Natural Gas Fuel Packages

  • Natural Gas Booster Compressor Package
  • Duplex Gas Filter Coalescer Package
  • Fuel Gas Dew Point Control Heater Package
  • Fuel Gas Metering Package

 Sump Pumps

  • Open Drain Sump Package
  • Closed Drain Sump Package

 Firewater Pump Packages

  • Raw Water Feed Pump Package
  • Fresh Water Feed Pump Package

Air Quality (NOx Reduction)

Aqueous & Anhydrous Ammonia Equipment Packages

  •  Complete Ammonia Tank Farm, Designed & Engineered System
    • Ammonia Storage Tanks
    • Rail Car Unloading Tower
    • Truck Unloading Station
    • Forwarding Skid
    • Access Ladders & Platforms
    • Deluge Piping
    • System Control Panel
  • Ammonia Storage Tanks
  • Ammonia Flow Control Unit
  • Ammonia Rail Car Unloading Package
  • Ammonia Truck Unloading Package
  • Ammonia Balancing Manifold & Injection Grid
  • Ammonia Vaporizer Package
  • Ammonia Pump Forwarding Package

Learn about the many cost-and-time-saving advantages of modular vs. stick-built units on a project.


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