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Ethane Chiller Skid for the Dominion Cove Point LNG Plant

October 25, 2016 Welcome

IFS provides process packages for many industries worldwide including new state of the art LNG liquefaction plants. Watch the video below to learn more about the Ethane Chiller Skid supplied by Integrated Flow Solutions for the Dominion Cove Point LNG Liquefaction LNG plant in Lusby, Maryland.

This unit, along with a chemical Injection package, ethane unloading package, and hot oil package was designed, was manufactured and tested at IFS’s Tyler, Texas site and is designed to be plugged into the existing Cove Point infrastructure where IFS engineers will oversee training, commissioning, and start-up. Aftermarket support includes parts, service, and warranty.

For a more detailed description of the Ethane Chiller Skid’s operation, see below:

Ethane Unloading Refrigeration Package Specs

The Ethane Unloading Refrigeration package provides liquid C3 refrigerant at sufficient flow rate, pressure and temperature to condense mostly C2 containing vapor streams in the Imported Ethane Chiller (duty of 498,000 BTU/hr & 137, 000 BTU/hr).

In intermittent service, Ethane vapor downstream of the Ethane Filter declines during unloading and can vary from about 590 psig to about 150 psig with flow controlled upstream of the chiller. C2 is let down by a control valve to about 145 psig and routed to the Imported Ethane Chillers (where vapor are liquefied by evaporating C3 refrigerant) and sent to the Ethane Make-Up Drum.

During normal plant operation, ethane boil-off vapors from the Ethane Make-up drum will be compressed by the Ethane compressor and then chilled in the Ethane Chiller. The liquid C2 is sent back to those same drums as part of low-pressure maintenance. This Ethane vapor flow rate and cooling duty (0.137 MMBTU/hr) is significantly smaller than the imported ethane chilling loop’s flow rate and cooling duty (0.498 MMBTU/hr).

Dedicated chiller skids will be employed, with total combined duty of 0.635 MMBTU/hr. This is the duty that the vaporizing liquid C3 refrigerant supplied by this package needs to remove.


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