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Ethane & Propane Metering Packages for Targa Midstream

June 5, 2017 developer

Project Overview

Integrated Flow Solutions was contracted by Targa Midstream to design and fabricate (1) Ethane Metering Package and (1) Propane Metering Package. The Metering Packages are custody transfer metering skids from a products manufacturer to one of the Targa gathering systems.

Project Specs

  • Ethane (C2) with a flow rate of 19,000 BPD to 30,000 BPD.
    • Operating pressure of 1,300 PSIG
  • Propane (C3) with a flow rate of 5,700 BPD to 11,650 BPD
    • Operating pressure of 375 PSIG
  • Skids are supplied with light hydrocarbon YZ Sampler system and dual quick opening basket strainers
    • ANSI B31.4 piping design

Project Owner:

Targa Resources

For Use In:

Lake Charles, LA


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