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IFS 3” LACT Unit Successfully Installed In South Texas

July 6, 2018 Welcome

IFS recently commissioned the first of (6) 3” LACT Units rated for (60) Barrels per hour @ 145 psig measuring .82 Specific Gravity crude oil in South Texas. The 3” LACTs utilize an Emerson Micro Motion Coriolis flow meter to accurately measure the crude oil. The Pumpworks ANSI charge pump takes suction from the atmospheric storage tanks and pressurized the crude oil to 175 psi to move the crude oil through the flow meter.

The Class 1 Div 2 Electrical Panel Rack includes the following:
A. One (1) 60A, 480V pin and sleeve generator plug and receptacle consisting of: one (1)
Killark splice box, receptacle and plug.
B. One (1) 60A, 480V manual transfer switch, double breaker, mounted in an explosion
proof enclosure.
C. One (1) NEMA 7 Size 2 Pump Panel with spare 480V circuit breaker.
D. One (1) 16x16x8 explosion proof AC Junction Box.
E. One (1) 480V-120V Transformer.
F. One (1) ROC809l Flow Computer with HMI Touchscreen, mounted in 30x30x12
G. One (1) 32x16x14 DC Junction Box, with 24V dual battery back-up power.


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