IFS Announces Stock “Lease Automated Custody Transfer” Unit Program

August 28, 2018 Welcome

pinnacle LACT

IFS recently announced a new program to stock 2” and 3” Lease Automated Custody Transfer (LACT) Units for immediate shipment from the IFS Tyler, Texas location.  Five (5) 2 inch and five (5) 3 inch stock LACT skids are currently in stock available for immediate shipment.

Per Dave Pollan, IFS Product Manager for Production Storage and Measurement products, “IFS see the opportunity for immediate shipment of 2 inch and 3 inch LACT units from inventory.  These stock LACTs can also be modified to meet customer specifications in 2-4 weeks, significantly reducing the delivery time for custom LACTs.”

Click here for 2500 BPD LACT Details.

Click here for 9600 BPD LACT Details.

The program is designed to be expanded as necessary but the current plan is to keep (10) stock LACTs on hand at all times.  For more information, please contact IFS.



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