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IFS LNG Processing Packages: Liquefaction & Regasification

May 20, 2016 Welcome

Integrated Flow Solutions (IFS) specializes in modular, engineered-to-order skid-mounted packages, shipped ready to plug into customer process systems at sites anywhere in the world, including LNG liquefaction and regasification process plants and terminals.

We also offer on-site installation assistance, training, commissioning, maintenance and aftermarket parts support.

LNG Liquefaction Process Packages


  • NG Seal/Buffer Gas Conditioning Package


  • Dew Point Control Package
  • Dehydration Package
  • Electric Process Heating Package


  • Propane Unloading Refrigeration Package
  • Propane Compressor Package
  • Ethane Unloading Refrigeration Package
  • Ethane Compressor Package
  • Methane Vaporization Package
  • Hot Oil Circulation Package

LNG Liquefaction & Regasification Process Packages


Natural Gas Treatment

  • Fuel Gas Conditioning Package
  • Dew Point Control Package
  • Dehydration Package
  • Electric Process Heating Package
  • Duplex Filter Coalescer Package

 Booster Compressors

  • Motor Driven Gas Compressor Package

Fuel Packages

  • Fuel Gas Pressure Reduction Package
  • Fuel Gas Metering Package
  • Liquid Fuel Forwarding Package

Combined Cycle Power Plant PDF Shows Layout of BOP Packages for LNG Liquefaction & Regasification Processing. Click Image to Download.

Balance of Plant (BOP) Packages
for Combined & Simple Cycle Power Plants

  • Chemical Injection Packages
  • Turbine Water Injection System
  • Utility Water Booster Pump Package
  • Boiler Circulation Pump Package
  • Hot Oil Circulation Pump Package
  • Open & Closed Sump Package
  • Boiler Feed Pump Package
  • Deaerator Booster Pump Package
  • Condensate Hotwell Pump Package
  • Cooling Water Feed Pump Package
  • Firewater Pump Package
Combined Cycle Power Plant PDF Layout Shows
Detail of DeNox System Modular Packages.
Click Image to Download.

NOX Control (Ammonia) Packages

  • Aqueous Ammonia Storage & Forwarding System
  • Aqueous Ammonia Forwarding Unit
  • Anhydrous Ammonia Storage & Vaporizing System
  • Ammonia Flow Control Unit
  • Ammonia Balancing Manifold & Injection System
  • Ammonia Railcar & Truck Unloading Stations

Download PDF of Product Line Sheet  IFS LNG Processing Packages for LNG Liquefaction and Regasification


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