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IFS Supplies 30”, 20” & 16” Metering Packages for Major Midstream Company

March 5, 2019 Welcome
gray oak pipeline metering skid

metering package for gray oak pipeline

A major Midstream company approved the construction of a new crude oil pipeline, spanning from the West Texas Permian Basin to the Gulf Coast. The pipeline will create reliable access to crude oil in the region, bringing more growth to the Texas energy industry. The current pipeline route will run 850 miles from the Permian to Sweeny, Freeport, and Corpus Christi, Texas.

This new pipeline will help new energy being found and produced in Texas get to refineries, manufacturers and, ultimately, consumers.

Today, transporting oil from the Permian Basin presents many challenges. Crude Oil supplies are often bottlenecked by existing pipeline capacity limitations. This new pipeline means more oil will be transported by pipeline, providing refineries in Texas and abroad with access to U.S. oil, supporting continued production growth in the Permian Basin and improving the state of Texas’s economy.

IFS has secured a contract from this Midstream Company to supply 30”, 20” and 16” metering packages for the pipeline.



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