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IFS to Supply Fuel Gas Conditioning Packages for Iraq Rehabilitation Project

June 8, 2015 Welcome

3D Drawing of Fuel Gas Conditioning Packages for Basrah Gas Co.’s West Quama Compressor Stations

IFS is pleased to announce the receipt of a contract from UnaE&C to supply (2) Fuel Gas Conditioning Systems for the rehabilitation of the Iraq Basrah Gas Company’s West Quama compressor stations, CS7 and CS8.

The primary use for these packages is to remove liquids and particulates 0.5 micron and larger, and then to superheat the gas to a 28°C rise which is equivalent (50°F) above the dew point.

Approximately 706.29 MMscfd (2 x 107 m3/d) of gas is being flared south of Iraq. According to UnaE&C, this represents 170,000 bbl/d equivalent of raw gas. The rehabilitation project will consist of collecting, compressing and dehydrating flared associated gas generated from the degassing stations before being sent by pipeline to the North Rumaila natural gas liquids (NGL) plant, a downstream gas treatment facility.”


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