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Need a New Process Unit? Compare Modular vs. Stick Built

September 13, 2016 Welcome

In the industrial process plant market, a top priority is to have services that offer the best quality and that are the most cost effective and productive. It is also imperative to evaluate the advantages and disadvantages of each option in the market, especially when you need to add or replace a processing unit within a process system. Today the “modular construction” of such units has become more competitive, compared to the conventional method of construction and assembly on site, known as “build-on-site, stick built” or “site built.”

It has also sparked a trend towards plant modularization in general that is especially important in the energy market:

  • Oil &Gas: Upstream – Midstream – Downstream
  • Power Generation Plant Modularization
  • LNG Plant Modularization
  • Air Quality Units

 Quick Benefits Comparison Modular vs. Stick Built

cost of modular vs. stick-built

Firm Pricing for Modular Units

Modular package units are plug-and-play systems, which are manufactured off-site in specialized workshops for a firm price that includes all components and services required to design, fabricate, and manufacture the module.

With stick built on site, typically the actual costs can vary quickly and exceed the budget.

High Quality

In modular fabrication, labor cost and the quality of equipment and materials are more controlled. You can get all kinds of work done at a fixed cost-per-man hour in a workshop that has all the required equipment and that has the needed contacts with factories for quick, reliable sourcing for all materials. In contrast, building on the construction site depends on the local availability of skilled technicians and advanced planning for procurement of materials and equipment for each task being performed.

stick-built vs. modular

Productivity and Delivery

In terms of productivity and delivery time, the efficiency of modular systems is a result of a controlled environment where standard operating procedures apply. Plus, you can design, build and test the unit while the required permitting is proceeding in parallel; unlike stick-built where weather can potentially extend project scope and deadlines.

Go Modular with Integrated Flow Solutions (IFS)

IFS are process skid manufacturers that specialize in modular design, engineered-to-order, liquid & gas process packages and systems. Our “plug & play” process units are shipped skid-mounted and ready to “plug-in” at customer sites worldwide, no matter how extreme, remote and challenging the location.

For More on Stick Built vs. Modular Oil and Gas, and Industrial Applications:

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