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Offshore Fuel Gas Treatment Package Surprise

August 25, 2015 Welcome

Fuel Gas Treatment Package built for use on Dolphin A Platform near Trinidad & Tobago

In our industry, surprise is no surprise when you know how to be flexible and provide solutions. Here is one such project that surprised us and for which we quickly had a solution.

Located offshore near Trinidad, West Indies, BG Group Trinidad & Tobago (BGTI) Dolphin A Platform (DAP) was installed in 1996 as a basic facility with a design capacity 325 MMSCFD (2 x trains of 162.5 MMSCFD) and gas export provision onshore.

In 2006-2007, production capacity was expanded to 760 MMSCFD with the introduction of infill wells and provision for an additional gas export route to the Beachfield facility on Trinidad.

In 2014, (2) new Solar Gas Turbine Generators and a new Fuel Gas Treatment Skid Package was contracted by Fluor Daniel South America LTD acting as agents for BG Trinidad & Tobago LTD.

Fluor contracted IFS to supply the New Fuel Gas Treatment Skid Package.

Project Specs:
– Conformance to (30) Project specifications
– Conformance to (16) BG standard specifications
– Conformance to (35) industry specifications (ASME, ASTM, ISA, PIP, etc.)

Project Owner: BG Group Trinidad & Tobago (BGTI)

For Use In: Trinidad, West Indies, Offshore

The Challenge: IFS was originally contracted by Fluor to supply BG Group Trinidad & Tobago with a New Fuel Gas Treatment Skid Package for (2) new Solar Gas Turbines.  The existing offshore platform included a footprint of 5’ x 16’ 6”.

IFS supplied a preliminary footprint drawing reflecting the original scope of supply in the existing footprint.  During the initial footprint drawing review, IFS was surprised when the scope (size) of the package was increased significantly, and yet there was NOT to be any increase in the footprint as first specified.

 The IFS Solution: IFS’s engineering and design group went to work to determine how IFS could meet the increased scope within the confines of the existing footprint.

It was determined that incorporating the additional specifications and components would make access to the unit for maintenance and repair difficult and compromise the escape path on the DAP.

There was only one answer: adding a second level to the existing design that included an overhang over the existing platform walkway. With this design, operators can now easily access the control panel, all valves and other maintenance elements easily from the second level and the escape path remains clear. See the Upgrade Study done by our team.
For detailed specification drawings of the original and updated packages, download Offshore Fuel Gas Treatment Package Surprise .

The finished unit was shipped pre-programmed and “ready-to-plug-in” to the site. The IFS Extreme Experience Team provided operator training on-site, commissioning and start-up services. IFS now provides field maintenance services as well.


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