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Predict-Plus Remote Pump Monitoring System – Avoid Downtime Today!

April 23, 2019 Welcome

remote pump monitoring system

PumpWorks, a DXP Company, just launched an updated version of their Predict-Plus pump monitoring system. As leading modular process skid manufacturers for Midstream O&G, IFS uses PumpWorks Pumps on our Midstream packaged products. We’re excited to offer the Gen 2 Predict-Plus pump health monitoring tool.

Do you want to know your critical LACT units are in good operating condition? Do you want to know about pump maintenance needs before system failure? If yes, the new and improved Predict-Plus pump condition monitoring tool is for you.

Predict-Plus boasts several impressive benefits and features:

  • 24/7 temperature and vibration monitoring
  • A mobile interface with automatic device registration
  • Proactive alerts
  • External or battery powered options
  • Long term trend data storage including FFT

pump condition monitoring

Predict-Plus monitors and logs the thrust bearing vibration and temperature of the centrifugal pump in your midstream process skid. Trending this longitudinal data facilitates early indication of potential failure under the present operating conditions. This warning allows for preventative maintenance to be performed, avoiding equipment failure, costly replacements, and even process downtime.

Leverage This Pump Condition Monitoring Tool Today!

For more information about using the Predict-Plus pump vibration monitoring tool on your midstream O&G skid, please contact us online today!



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