Automated Custody Transfer

Modular, Engineered-to-Order, Shipped Ready to Plug In

automated custody transfer skid

Integrated Flow Solutions Automated Custody Transfer Systems are designed for accurate measurement and sampling of various hydrocarbon liquids ranging in viscosity from 2 to 5000 centistokes.

The complete system includes inlet basket strainers, air eliminators, flow meters, back pressure control valve, suction/discharge piping, valves, instrumentation, controls, & is designed to minimize field assembly.

Benefits of IFS Crude Oil Metering Skid

  • Single Source Accountability
  • Pre-Packaged Modular Design Costs Less than component based site built which reduces overall project cost
  • Minimizes field erection time – shorter overall project delivery schedule
  • Complete system function testing prior to shipment
  • 24/7 Customer service

Crude Oil Measurement Unit Industry Standards:

  • Piping designed to ANSI B31.1/ANSI B31.3
  • Pipe fabrication to ASME Section IX
  • Structural Steel Assembly Designed to AWS D1.1

Standard Features of IFS Automated Custody Transfer Unit:

  • PLC Control System with Flow Computer
  • Basket Strainer with PDI
  • Air Eliminator
  • Back Pressure Valve
  • Thermal Relief Valve
  • Coriolis, Turbine or Positive Displacement Flowmeter
  • Temperature Indicator & Transmitter
  • Pressure Indicator & Transmitter
  • Prover Connections
  • Hydro test of all piping
  • High quality industrial coating system
  • Meter Prover (Bi-Directional)
  • All NEMA or IEC rated enclosures and components for Class 1, Div. 1 or Div. 2

IFS Additional Services for Loading & Unloading Process System:

  • Turn-Key Projects
  • Installation & Supervision
  • Extended Equipment Warranty
  • Nationwide Service Network


For a modular Fuel Gas Conditioning Package (or similar unit) skid-mounted and engineered-to-order, call 281-638-9870 or send us an email.