Modular Pipeline Package

Skid-Mounted Modular System, Engineered-to-Order

Integrated Flow Solutions Modular Pipeline Pumping Packages are pre-designed, packaged and fully tested for a wide range of product pumping applications.  The complete system includes a motor control center housed in a climate controlled building with optional low or medium voltage variable frequency drive(s).


  • Single Source Accountability
  • Pre-Packaged Modular Design Costs Less than component based site built which reduces overall project cost
  • Minimizes field erection time – shorter overall project delivery schedule
  • Complete system function testing prior to shipment
  • 24/7 Customer service (800-527-8724)

Industry Standards

  • Electrical designed to NEC, CSA, or IEC
  • Piping/tubing designed to ANSI B31.3/ANSI B31.8
  • Structural Steel Assembly Designed to AWS D1.1

Standard Features:

  • Modularized Construction
  • API BB1 & BB3 Pumps
  • ASME Inlet Strainers
  • Socketwelded or Butt Welded Piping
  • Full Port Ball Valves
  • On Skid Spill Containment
  • Dual Scale Liquid Filled Pressure Gauges


  • Automated Minimum Flow Bypass
  • Thermal or Full Flow Relief Valves
  • Actuated Valves – Air or Electric
  • Pump Protection
    • Casing RTDs
    • Thermal Flow Switch
    • Vibration Probes/Transmitters
    • Bearing RTDs/Temperature Transmitters
    • Motor Protection
    • Bearing RTDs/Temperature Transmitters
    • Vibration Probes/Transmitters
    • Winding RTDs
  • Custom Skid Decking
  • Custom Paint

Additional Services:

  • Installation / Training / Start – Up Supervision
  • Extended warranty
  • Worldwide Service Network
  • Customized Systems

For a modular Fuel Gas Conditioning Package (or similar unit) skid-mounted and engineered-to-order, call 281-638-9870 or send us an email.