Power Generation, Skid-Mounted Modular Process Systems Engineered to Suit Your Needs

IFS is a process engineering firm that designs and manufactures a wide range of modular systems for the Power Generation Industry. All of our designs are skid-mounted and ready to “plug-in.” Our engineers will build-to-suit according to your exact specifications and will install your modular system anywhere in the world.

Below are some examples of what we can do for you.

Power Generation Packages

Fuel Gas Conditioning Package

(FGCS – 100.0)

Designed to remove solids, liquids, and aerosols from natural gas. Aspen Plus Process Simulation is used to ensure the gas is heated to 50 degrees F above the dew point.

Fuel Gas Conditioning Membrane Package


Designed for Natural Gas Liquid, H2O, H2S (for “Gas Sweetening”) & CO2 removal from a Natural Gas Stream.

Pressure Reduction Package

(GPRS – 100.0)

Designed to reduce gas pipeline pressure safely and accurately to meet the gas turbine or reciprocating engine maximum inlet pressure. Aspen Plus Process Simulation is used to prevent freezing.

NOx Reduction Package

(AFCU – 100.0)

IFS offers a complete line of NOx Reduction Equipment for Power Plants. See “Products – Air Quality” on the home page.

Heat Transfer/ Hot Oil Packages

(HTHO – 100.0)

Designed to store/heat/circulate Heat Transfer Fluids which are used for indirect heating of combustible liquids and gases.

Black Powder Filtration System

(BPFS – 100.0)

Designed to remove Iron Sulphide, Iron Oxides and other contaminates from gas transmission lines


Nitrogen Filtration System - Ifsolutions.comNitrogen Generation System Packages


Designed to deliver a continuous supply of 95% – 99.95% pure nitrogen gas. Solutions for high ambient temperatures, fixed dew point control for buffer gas, coil tubing for well servicing and export line commissioning.

Balance of Plant Packages

Fuel Oil Pumping Package

(PSHP – 200.0)

Designed to filter/meter/transfer fuel oil from storage tanks to the boiler, engine, or turbine for fuel. The complete system includes inlet strainers, flow meters, transfer pump(s)/motor(s), suction & discharge piping mounted on a structural steel skid.

Cooling Water Circulation Package

(PSLP – 100.0)

Designed to circulate cooling water from site cooling towers to the heat load.

Chemical Injection Package

(SCIS – 100.0)

Designed to safely store/meter/inject chemicals into plant boiler water & wastewater for control of acidity/alkalinity, scale, corrosion, foaming, etc.

Super Sump Industrial Grade Sump Package

(PSSS – 100.0)

Designed to collect industrial liquid waste runoff in a single or double-wall sump with leak detection. Automatic level controls start/stop pumps which transfer the waste for further handling.

IntegraHeat ™ Electric Process Heating PackageIntegraHeat™ Electric Process Heating Package

(IEPH – 100.0)

Designed to electrically heat natural gas for dew point control.  Accurate temperature control is maintained with full thyrister…

Electric Process Heater Control Panel

(CP6012 – 100.0)

Offers convenient, economical control of resistive loads. Completely eliminates the engineering, design, component procurement, assembly and testing steps required to build a control panel.

Automation & Controls

(PACS – 100.0)

Monitors and controls IFS packaged equipment. The controls can be skid-mounted and prewired or remotely mounted in an unclassified area.

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