Truck/Railcar Loading & Unloading Equipment

Modular, Engineered-to-Order, Shipped Ready to Plug In

truck/railcar unloading equipment

Integrated Flow Solutions Truck or Railcar loading and/or unloading equipment including complete tank farm engineering, design, & fabrication. Hydrocarbon is delivered by truck or railcar and unloaded into storage tanks. Pumps forward the hydrocarbons to a pipeline or custody transfer skid.

Benefits of IFS Truck and Railcar Unloading Systems

  • Single Source Accountability
  • Pre-Packaged Modular Design Costs Less than component based site built which reduces overall project cost
  • Minimizes field erection time – shorter overall project delivery schedule
  • Complete system function testing prior to shipment
  • 24/7 Customer service

Truck & Railcar Loading/Unloading System Industry Standards:

  • Vessels code stamped ASME Section VIII & National Board Registered
  • Piping designed to ANSI B31.1/ANSI B31.3
  • Pipe fabrication to ASME Section IX
  • Structural Steel Assembly Designed to AWS D1.1
  • Complete system designed to industry standards

Standard Features of IFS Railcar & Truck Unloading Unit:

  • IntegraSafe Unloading Station
    • Local indication of:
      • Tank level
      • Tank pressure
      • Flow indication
    • Local manual/automated valve operation
  • Storage System
    • Vessel storage up to 65,000 gallons
    • Single & Double wall carbon steel vessels
  • Unloading Pumps
    • ANSI Centrifugal Pumps & Electric Motors
    • Sliding Vane or Gear Pumps & Electric Motors
  • Loading Pumps
    • ANSI Centrifugal Pumps & Electric Motors
    • API 610 Centrifugal Pumps & Electric Motors
  • Locally Mounted Control Panels
    • Motor Starters
    • Instrumentation for alarms & shutdowns
  • Complete Factory function Test

Optional Features Truck and Railcar Loading/Unloading Units:

  • Class 1, Div 2 Hazardous Locations
  • Compliance with Plant/Engineering Specifications

IFS Additional Services for Loading & Unloading Process System:

  • “ Aspen Plus” Process Simulation Software used to guarantee process conditions
  • Installation / Training / Start – Up Supervision
  • Extended warranty
  • Nationwide Service Network

For a modular Fuel Gas Conditioning Package (or similar unit) skid-mounted and engineered-to-order, call 281-638-9870 or send us an email.