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PumpWorks Castings is a Fully Integrated Industrial Foundry with ExOne Technology

March 6, 2018 Welcome

Welcome to PumpWorks Castings in Lufkin, Texas USA.

PumpWorks Castings and Integrated Flow Solutions are owned by DXP Enterprises

There is an awareness in our industry that a quality industrial pump must start with quality castings. That’s why, in 2015, PumpWorks built a testament to our core mission to make the best pumps in the world…we built our own foundry.

PumpWorks Castings singular goal is to provide outstanding castings for process machinery and do it right here in the USA.

Our process starts by using the finest raw materials available. We control the critical variables, from the virgin raw materials solely sourced in the USA to an advanced sand reclamation system that not only regulates sand quality but also assures PumpWorks’ commitment to environmental sustainability.

This plant makes molds using a 3D sand printing process.  This is state of the art, it’s MUCH cleaner than a standard foundry, and you don’t have to wait (3) months to get a pattern made.  The molds are printed from a computer design.  We also have the ability to do high grade investment casting to produce products that are much finer in their finish quality.

Our   printed mold system allows us the ultimate flexibility by producing a casting without a pattern. Our engineers communicate directly with the 3D printer to go from concept to casting in less than 3 days.

This advanced technology not only allows us to make components for our own pumps, but also provide the fastest delivery custom casting in the world for pump parts, valve parts – any cast metal parts! 

PumpWorks Castings can analyze any spare, worn or completely failed part and provide a rapid replacement in virtually any metallurgy.  We provide you with a new part that’s better than the original.

From a (5) pound impeller to a (2,000) pound casing, PumpWorks Castings is ready for your most challenging projects.   

PumpWorks Castings is the ultimate expression of simplifying the supply chain to provide you the 3 key variables to making projects successful: Price, Quality and Delivery.  As an industrial pump castings manufacturer, we aim to be second to none! 

PumpWorks Castings – Made Right in the USA


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