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IFS Announces the Release of the AFCU 2020 Series Ammonia Flow Control Units

September 5, 2018 Welcome

In response to market needs for a cost effective Ammonia Flow Control System for natural gas fired combustion turbines and boilers, IFS has announced the “AFCU 2020 Series”.  The AFCU 2020 Standard Ammonia Flow Control Units are designed to control the flow of ammonia from the Ammonia Storage / Forwarding System into an exhaust gas stream for NOx reduction.  The air is typically pressurized with a centrifugal blower and heated with an electric process heater.  Aqueous Ammonia is injected into the discharge of the package and mixed with the heated air.  The hot air vaporizes the ammonia prior to injection into the Ammonia Injection Grid (AIG).

ammonia flow control

The AFCU 2020 Series includes (4) standard sizes to meet the needs of the common combustion turbines.

  • AFCU 2100 – 100 #/hour air flowrate & 60 KW electric process heater
  • AFCU 2150 – 150 #/hour air flow & 80 KW electric process heater
  • AFCU 2250 – 250 #/hour air flow & 120 KW electric process heater
  • AFCU 2400 – 400 #/hour air flow & 200 KW electric process heater


Standard features include:

  • Single Heavy Duty Centrifugal Air Blower
  • Flanged Electric Process Heater 460 volt/3 phase/60 hertz
  • DCS/SCADA Control with Local Heater Power Panel
  • Vaporization using Co-Current Mixing or Counter Flow Contact Technology
  • Complete factory acceptance test


The following optional features are available:

  • (2) 100% Heavy Duty Centrifugal Blowers
  • Locally mounted Dual Loop PID controller with Solid State Relays for Heater Control
  • Locally mounted Dual Loop PID controller with SCR for Heater Controls
  • Locally mounted Allen Bradley Compact Logix PLC with SCR for Heater Controls
  • UL or CSA Listed Control Heater & Control Panel Assembly
  • Class 1, Division 2 Hazardous locations
  • Compliance with Plant / Engineering Specifications
  • Complete factory run test


Contact IFS for a complete specification package outlining the details of the equipment, or to learn more about the Oil and Gas skid manufacturers at IFS.



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