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Enhanced Oil Recovery (EOR) Techniques and Helpful Technology

Written by Welcome on April 13, 2022
what is EOR enhanced oil recovery?

What is enhanced oil recovery, and how are EOR methods utilized in the oil and gas industry? This article will discuss the various oil and gas recovery methods, focusing mainly on tertiary or enhanced oil recovery (EOR) operations. Types of Oil Recovery Oil recovery in hydrocarbon production is a series of efforts to obtain as […]

The Importance of CCUS In the Oil and Gas Industry

Written by Welcome on March 1, 2022
ccus solutions

In today’s faced-paced world of commerce and industry, emissions generated from natural gas recovery and processing can leave a significant carbon footprint on the natural environment. However, there is an effective way to circumvent the issues of natural gas emissions—carbon, capture, utilization, and storage systems. How Does CCUS Work? Carbon capture, utilization, and storage (CCUS) […]