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Where on an FPSO Do You Find IFS Equipment Packages?

July 9, 2015 Welcome

See Where on an FPSO You Will Find IFS’s Equipment Packages (Download PDF)

IFS engineers and manufactures modular, skid-mounted, “ready-to-plug-in” equipment packages for use on FPSOs operating even under the most extreme conditions, including on:

Floating Production, Storage, Offloading (FPSO) Vessels/Ships of all kinds:
> Semi-Submersible Platforms
> Tension Leg Platforms
> Spar Platforms

You will find the following types of packages from IFS as indicated on the updated FPSO Equipment Packages Site Map above.

Process Packages: These packages for oil and gas production processing are at the core of what FPSOs do. Here, process simulation is very effective in making the correct equipment selections. Our Aspen Plus Process Simulation software is used for conceptual design, optimization, and performance modeling of proposed solutions to meet customer requirements.
• Electric Wellstream Heater Package
• Electric Glycol Reboiler Heater
• Heating Medium Package
• Crude Oil Heating Systems
Gas Conditioning
• Fuel Gas Conditioning Package
• Buffer Gas Conditioning Package
• Seal Gas Conditioning Package
• Gas Dehydration System
• Sulfur Removal System
• Carbon Dioxide Removal System
• Gas BTU Reduction Systems
• H2S Removal System
Nitrogen Generating
• Nitrogen Generation Package
• Separation Gas Generating Packages
• Purge Gas Generating Packages

Nitrogen Generation Membrane Systems: Modular, Engineered-to-Order, Shipped Ready to Plug In

Fuel Oil Conditioning
• Crude/Diesel Conditioning Systems
• Diesel Filtration/Forwarding Systems

Mechanical Packages: These packages are used where critical mechanical functions must be performed repeatedly and reliably:
• Wet/Dry Oil Pump Package
• Pigging & Equalizing Pump Package
• Oil Pipeline Pump Package
• Sump Tank & Pump Package
• Seawater Injection Pump Package
• Seawater Injection Booster Pump Package
• Subsea Methanol Injection Package
• Process Chemical Injection Package

Utility Packages: These packages are used intermittently to support overall general operations.
• Hot Water Washdown Clean-in-Place (CIP) Package
• Hydraulic Power Unit

Any of these there packages can be designed for a specific project a platform upgrade, or the replacement of an existing unit. All packages arrive ready to plug in.

Download the FPSO Equipment Packages Site Map PDF

To learn about the many cost-and-time-saving advantages of modular packages over stick-built units on a project, see Why Buy a Modular System (Modularized Fabrication vs Stick Built Construction of a Process Unit).


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