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Effective NOX Pollution Control and Removal Techniques

Written by Welcome on July 28, 2020
NOx pollution control technology

Much of the industrial process equipment today uses fossil fuels and hydrocarbons to drive their processes. The combustion of hydrocarbons in the air usually produces a mixture of gaseous nitrogen compounds. These gases are detrimental to the environment when they react with moisture, sunlight, and other volatile gases to produce acid rain and photochemical smog. […]

Technology for Power Plant Emission and Pollution Control

Written by Welcome on June 22, 2020
power plant air pollution

From its discovery to date, the large-scale production of electricity has significantly revolutionized how we live, work, and play. Production of significant quantities of electrical power is impossible without the invention of power plants. Despite their vital role in electrical energy production, like most industrial facilities, power plants release waste gases and other environmental pollutants. […]

Power Plant NOx Reduction – SCR vs SNCR Technology Which is better?

Written by Welcome on December 20, 2018
SCR emission control system

In the face of stringent global legislation from organizations like the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and equivalent regulatory bodies in the European Union aimed at minimizing harmful industrial emissions, utility companies are faced with the challenge of employing the most efficient and cost-effective strategies for compliance. Current and projected regulations for NOx control in […]

Power & SCR DeNOx Modular Packages Engineered Ready to “Plug-In”

Written by Welcome on April 28, 2015

  Site Map for IFS Power & SCR DeNOx Packages.  IFS engineers and manufactures modular packages for Gas and Coal Fired Simple Cycle and Combined Cycle power plant projects that require SCR DeNOx, Balance of Plant (BOP) and/or Fuel Gas Conditioning modules. Units can be original to a project or a replacement for an existing […]