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Pumpworks Introduces Complete Line of API 610 Barrel Pumps

September 28, 2017 Welcome

Pumpworks, IFS’s sister company introduces a complete line of API 610 BB5 barrel pumps. Contact Mark Weidmann ( for more information.

API 610 10th Edition states that unless otherwise specified, pumps with radially split casings are required for any of the following operating conditions:

  • A pumping temperature of 200 °C (400 °F) or higher (a lower temperature limit should be considered if thermal shock is probable)
  • A flammable or hazardous pumped liquid with a relative density of less than 0.7 at the specified pumping temperature
  • A flammable or hazardous pumped liquid at a rated discharge pressure above 10 000 kPa (100 bar) (1 450 psi)

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